Do Mock Strawberries Go Bad

Does Mock Strawberry Go Bad?

Mock Strawberry, Indian Strawberry, or false Strawberry is the name of a flowering plant that is native to South Asia. But it is now used to serve ornamental and medicinal purposes in various other regions as well. The fruit is often confused with the Wild Strawberry.

Because of the similar leaves and fruits, however, the flowers held by the two are different, i.e., the Mock Strawberry bears yellow while the Wild Strawberry bears white flowers. The fruits and leaves of the Mock Strawberry may go bad due to several reasons, which we will deal with below.

How To Store Mock Strawberry

Mock Strawberry contains an excellent combination of healthy nutrients which are essential for your body. These include proteins, iron, vitamins C, and several other elements too. But if you see it from the other side, i.e., its taste, the taste of this fruit is not like the delicious ordinary red strawberries you love to eat.

The taste of the fruit is not quite delicious like the original strawberries, but that does not certainly mean that you cannot use this fruit or the plant bearing this fruit to serve some other purpose. No! Being a bomb of various healthy elements, the fruit is used extensively in making herbs and as a catchy ornamental plant.

Since it is from the family of strawberries, it can be stored in the same way as your strawberries. Storing and preserving the fruit well helps you to make the most of this fruit. So, for this reason, just below in the article, we will mention a few storage conditions that you may provide to last longer.

Refrigerate It

The first method to store the Mock Strawberry to help it last longer is simply putting it inside the refrigerator. If you’ve bought it in a clamshell plastic container, you can put that content directly in the refrigerator.

Another method to adopt while refrigerating your stock of Mock Strawberry is to place them in a shallow container and then cover it with plastic wrap. This is the simplest technique to follow to help it maintain its quality for up to a couple of days.

Freeze It

Another commonly used method to store your nutritional fruit is to freeze it. To freeze it, don’t throw them directly in the freezer but follow the method which you’ll be getting to know just right below.

Can You Freeze Mock Strawberry

One way to preserve your Mock Strawberries is to freeze them, as we told you earlier. The freezing process allows them to last for a comparatively longer period, i.e., for more or less 4 to 8 months, depending upon the state in which they are frozen.

To freeze them, rinse, blow-dry, and then cut off the stems from the top. Then line them on a lined waxed cookie sheet and put them inside the freezer. Once frozen, transfer these berries in an airtight container or freezer bags and transfer them in the freezer eventually.

How Long Does Mock Strawberry Last

Another important aspect of being dealt with is the shelf life that this red Mock Strawberry offers. If provided with the adequate storage conditions needed by these berries, they last up to longer than usual. But up to what time limit? Let’s get to know that right below in the article and remove all your queries regarding that.

That stock of Mock Strawberries, which is kept at room temperature, lasts only up to 1 to 2 days if uncut, whereas the cut ones last up to a single day. The cut berries last up to 1 to 3 days and the uncut for up to 5 to 7 days in the refrigerator.

The frozen stock of mock strawberries, which you have just kept in the freezer by following the procedure we mentioned above, lasts up to 6 to 8 months if uncut and 3 to 4 months more or less.

How To Tell If Mock Strawberry Is Bad

Once the Mock Strawberry is about to go bad or has gone bad, it begins to exhibit some of the odd signs other than the fresh one. A knowledge of those signs of spoilage is also a must to include in the article so that you may decide whether it is safe to be eaten or not.

It is a must so that you don’t get subjected to any food-borne illnesses as a result. For this purpose, your senses are the most reliable assets which you have. We will make it easy for you by telling you some of the signs of spoilage observable for the stock of it gone bad.

  • Texture: If the berries feel soft and mushy in texture, it is not a good sign.
  • Appearance: Spoiled berries also begin to lose their characteristic red color.
  • Smell: An off-odor is also a confirmation of their spoilage.