Does MCT Oil Go Bad?

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Fractionation is a process used to extract MCT oil from coconut or palm kernel oil. Concentrated MCT is separated from the original oil. MCT oil stands for medium-chainĀ triglycerides. It has many health benefits and is used for Appetite control, weight loss, heart diseases, problem taking in fat and nutrition, and extra power for exercise.

The fatty molecules in MCT oil are very smaller than the normal oil we use, making it very easier to digest. MCT oil has a positive effect on the immune system, and drinking it makes the brain sharper.

How to store MCT oil?

MCT oil’s shelf life claimed by the manufacturers is two years, but it lasts much longer than that if stored properly. Shelf life is said to be that how long the product will retain its best quality and flavor. However, improper storage can lead it to turn unusable.

Once the oil bottle is opened, it must be kept in a dark place and covered tightly, avoiding any air contact. The oil must be kept away from high temperatures or direct sunlight. It must be stored in a cool and dry place.

Store it in a cool place

The MCT oil must be stored in a cool place away from any heat source. The rise in temperature increases the oxidation process, which ruins the oil.

Keep it away from the sunlight

The UV rays coming from the sun make the oxidation process fast. The MCT oil must be kept away from the sunlight and must be stored in a dark place.


The shelf life of MCT oil can surely be increased by keeping it in the refrigerator. This will slow down the spoiling process, and the bottle must be closed airtight.

MCT oil is also used as a supplement and is said to be a source of quick energy. This kind of oil supplement lasts longer as compared to normal supplements. The expiry date mentioned on the label says the best quality of the product. Using the proper storing methods can be increased even if the bottle is opened the oil lasts for more than a year in its good shape.

Can you freeze MCT oil?

MCT oil can be freeze to increase its shelf life. Extracted from coconut oil, it does not get harder in the lower temperature. The lower portion of the fridge is the best place to store your oil. Even if you are storing the oil supplement in the pantry or a dark, cool cupboard, it will keep its good shape.

By freezing the oil, its texture, color, and taste never change. The MCT oil keeps it oil like structure even in the fridge. So when freezing, if you see any solidification, that means the presence of any impurities or the oil is not of its best quality. So the quality of the oil can also be checked this way. Pure MCT oil never frizzes.

How long does MCT oil last?

MCT oil is made from coconut or palm oil. It consists of medium-chain triglycerides; these have a very higher concentration of fatty acids, due to which the MCT oil can last to a longer period.

The oil is stored in a dark, cool place; it can go months and even a year after opening the bottle. To get an idea of MCT oil’s shelf life, look for the expiry date mentioned on the bottle; this date is the expiry date, but it gives you an idea of the product in its best quality and shape.

The refrigeration will slow down its spoilage process. An unopened bottle can keep its best quality for up to 2 years, and an opened bottle of this oil supplement must be consumed within a year.

How to tell if MCT oil is bad?

It is unusual for the MCT oil to go bad. However, if it is not stored properly, it can go bad. The bad oil, if consumed, cause the symptoms of food poisoning, i.e., Nausea, Stomach Pain, Diarrhea, and Vomiting. Compared to normal LCT oil, MCT oil is easy to digest, and due to the presence of small fatty acid chance, it has a longer shelf life compared to the other ones. To tell if MCT oil has gone bad, there are quite a few ways.

  • MCT oil is tasteless and odorless, so it must be kept away if it develops a tangy taste. MCT oil giving any smell must not be consumed. MCT is having no taste and color when it turns rancid becomes yellowish.
  • Any dark spots or mold appears in the oil means the development of bacterial colonies; if MCT loses its clarity, its intake must be avoided.