Does Maypop Go Bad

Does Maypop Go Bad?

Maypop is commonly called passion fruit. It is a tropical fruit having a thick rind outside. The pulpy seeds in the centre ooze out when you cut maypop open. The size and colour of the fruit may vary. But it tastes the same. The exotic fruits have a sweet and tart taste that soothe your tastebuds. Thus, it can not only eaten as the fruit itself alone but can also be cooked in various dishes.

The maypop is a summer delight. When you bring them from the market, they are usually unripe. You usually have to ripe them first to enjoy them. It gives them a long shelf life. Everything you need to know about maypops is compiled in this article. Give it a read to free yourself from worries regarding maypops.

How to store maypops?

It is not an uphill task strong the maypops. In fact, It is quite easy. There is no science required. You only have to know some basic points regarding it. The maypops usually come in an unripe form which is actually a plus point for their longevity. The maypops can be stored in multiple ways. The following listed methods will guide you about the storage of maypops.

Keep them in your pantry

Since you get them in the raw state from the market, you can keep them in the pantry. Make sure that the place is dry and cool. Otherwise, it will start to rot before ripening. You don’t have to worry about their spoiling for two weeks. Once they are ripened, you are ready to eat them. The ripened maypops should be eaten up within a week. If you don’t want them too ripe soon, keep them away from banana and tomato. They release a chemical called ethylene that helps ripe the fruits.

Do not place them under sunlight

Placing the food under sunlight is directly related to the spoilage of food. Although sunlight will help you ripe your maypops quickly, they will soon go bad too. Sunlight has heat that provides enough temperature required for bacterial and mold growth.

For ripening the maypops, you will only have to keep them under sunlight for three to four days. After that, you will have to transfer them to your pantry or your fridge.

Refrigerate your maypops

When you have to store the maypops for a long time, your refrigerator will not disappoint you. The refrigerator increases the storage life and preserves freshness. You can store the whole fruit itself in the fridge. Wrap your maypops in brown paper, so they do not become wet. The wet maypops are more susceptible to spoilage.

You can also refrigerate your cut maypops. Place your cut maypops in a container and place them in the fridge. Make sure the maypops are not placed near tomatoes or bananas. They will ripe soon.

Can you freeze the maypops?

No one restricts you from freezing the maypops. All you will need is maypops, an icecube tray or a container, and a knife. Cut your maypops open and scoop out all the juicy goodness. It is now up to you that either you want to use an icecube tray or a container.

The best part about frozen maypops is that you can eat them directly after thawing. The other fruits can not be eaten after thawing as they go mushy. You can also use frozen pulp in making sauces, jams, and purees. You can use them for making juices, slushes, and smoothies too. You can use them however you like. You can transfer the frozen cubes to a ziplock bag to save your freezer space.

How long does maypop last?

The maypops have a good shelf life. It is because they come in an unripe state. The maypops can be stored for around three months in the pantry. The ripe and juicy maypops will not even give you a week and will spoil. If you keep your maypops under sunlight or store them wet, be ready to dispose of them in three days.

The refrigerated maypops usually last longer. The cold environment facilitates their storage life. The whole maypops can be refrigerated for a month if they are wrapped in brown paper. In comparison, the cut maypops will only last a week. The frozen maypops last the longest. You can enjoy them for about six months only if you do not eat them before.

How to tell if maypops are bad?

You do not need scientific knowledge to tell the maypops have spoiled. It is as easy as pie. All you have to use your senses to identify the bad maypops. The listed points will help you in doing so.

  • Look for the colour of the rind; if it is brown, better throw it away.
  • The maypops will release a stinky fluid from them,
  • The colour of the pulp may also turn brown or black.
  • There will be molding on the skin and in the pulp too.