Does Mastic Go Bad

Does Mastic Go Bad?

Originally mastic is in the form of liquid. After sun-dried, it turns into the hard, semi-transparent resin. On chewing, it turns into white gum. In the beginning, the flavor is bitter. But later, after chewing, mastic releases a refreshing cedar flavor. It is full of antioxidants. It helps with many health issues.

Good in relieving digestive issues tend to treat ulcers. Before use, do consult your doctor. And use as prescribed. If you buy it from the store, it comes with an expiry date. Yes, it does expire but has a very long shelf-life. To keep it fresh, you need to store it properly.

How to store mastic?

It is easy to store mastic. But there are certain measures you need to be careful of. There are quite a few ways to store the mastic. Storing will help in keeping it fresh and flavorful. Down below are some methods you shall adapt to store your mastic. And consume it as per your usage.

Keep it away from heat

If you want your mastic not to lose its potency, keep it away from heat. Sunlight is also not good for the mastic. Well, it has less moisture; still, heat absorbs the little moisture as well. For storing purposes, the humid temperature is a big NO in the case of mastic. The texture of mastic will be at risk. Due to heat, the flavor will vanish, and you will not have a refreshing one.

Store at a cool, dry place

It is necessary to store the mastic at a cool temperature. Or else it will soften if the provided the right temperature. You can observe when you chew in your mouth; it becomes soft because of the temperature there. And with the cool temperature, the place shall be dry and dark. Dark areas are the most suitable place to stock up.

Use air-tight containers

If the mastic that you bought is already sealed up, then this step is maybe a kill. If you have opened the seal, then you must use an air-tight container to store it. This method will help to stay mastic fresh and full of flavor. It will not allow the moisture to enter the container. The jar will keep it away from absorbing the extra flavor from the atmosphere.

Keep in refrigerator

You can store the mastic in the refrigerator. But not an unclosed container. If mastic is in a bottle and closed, then keep it directly. If the seal is broken, make sure to shift it in an air-tight container. The temperature in the refrigerator is cool and perfectly suitable.

Can you freeze mastic?

Yes, you can freeze the mastic. But it is not that necessary. It can work fine if stored in the refrigerator or other suggested places. Few experts prohibit storing it in the freezer for some valid reasons. If you store it in the freezer, the frozen mastic will be very hard.

If you take it out for eating, it will require so much effort to eat. The texture will be highly compromised. But if you still plan on freezing, you can, but make sure to be mindful of few things. No long defrosting cycle of the freezer, and there shall not be a build-up of heavy frost.

How long does mastic last?

Mastic has long-lasting capacity. It does not expire too quickly. The reason is it is short in moisture and is not reactive. The pack of mastic comes by date on the label. But you do not necessarily have to follow it. If you keep it in good condition, it will last for years and will not lose flavor.

All the mentioned lasting dates are not exact. They can vary on different conditions depending upon many reasons. If you store it in a cool place, the mastic will last for about five months easily. After that, it will not go bad might lose strong flavor. If you store it in a closed air-tight container and keep it at room temperature, it will last up to 3 to 4 months.

Keep on checking, do not through after the time; examine carefully. In the refrigerator and freezer, it will last up to 6 months and more than a year. But in the freezer, it will become very rigid. Avoid if you can.

How to tell if mastic is bad?

There are ways to know if the mastic is bad. If you came across these signs, do not use them. It is not good to consume bad mastic. It has some serious health issues. Though it comes will a long-shelf life. But eventually, at some point, it will go bad. Down below are a few of the indicators to know if mastic is bad or not.

  • Check for the appearance. If it is not like normal, it means it has gone bad. It is better not to use it. While some studies suggest, it has no harm. But be cautious of it.
  • Then the smell tells us clearly about the bad mastic. If the smell is unpleasant, throw it right away. It can be harmful to health.
  • If you do not see any signs, then it’s better to taste. Suppose the taste is awful discard it right away. Because it health shall be the for-most priority.
  • And the texture of mastic will also indicate if it is soft. It is a sign.