Does Maroilles Cheese Go Bad

Does Maroilles Cheese Go Bad?

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Maroilles cheese is light orange colored cheese made with cow milk. It is originated in the northern region of France. Its name is derived from the Maroilles region, where it was first manufactured. People of all ages like Maroilles cheese. Maroilles cheese in a dish is easily detected due to its unique taste and exotic smell.

Apart from having good taste, it also contains important nutrients like Calcium, Proteins and many Vitamins. Maroilles cheese falls under the category of soft cheese. Soft cheese has a short lifetime. It would be best if you had proper care and caution to store your Maroilles cheese.

How to store Maroilles cheese

If you are worried about storing your Maroilles cheese, don’t worry. We got you covered in this article. Storing Maroilles cheese is easy. However, if you plan on storing Maroilles cheese for an extended time, you must be careful. You can use the following methods to store your Maroilles cheese.

On the shelf

You can put your packed Maroilles cheese on your house shelf. It is only suitable if you are sure that you will consume your cheese within a day or two. Opened or Used Maroilles cheese will last shorter than packed cheese.

Storing your unpacked cheese on the shelf will reduce its life. It is soon invaded by various insects as well. Maroilles cheese has moisture in it. The presence of moisture will invite bacterial invasion in the open air. It is recommended not to place your unpacked cheese on the shelf.

Away from sunlight

Sunlight is very unfavorable for dairy products. It reduces the life period of dairy products. Maroilles cheese also goes bad sooner than expected when placed in the sunlight.

Sunlight increases the temperature of your Maroilles cheese. The increase in temperature causes soft cheese like Maroilles cheese to go bad quickly. Always store your Maroilles cheese in places where sunlight is absent.

In the refrigerator

A refrigerator will keep your cheese fresh for a long time. It provides an ideal temperature for your cheese to remain healthy for weeks. Your Maroilles cheese is safe from being spoiled in your fridge.

The refrigerator will keep the temperature of your Maroilles cheese between 25-20 degrees Fahrenheit. It will stop microorganism from invading your cheese. A refrigerator will also reduce the presence of moisture in your Maroilles cheese.  You can store both packed and unpacked Maroilles cheese in your fridge for a long time.

Can you freeze Maroilles cheese Plum?

Yes, you can freeze your Maroilles cheese. Freezing your Maroilles cheese can enhance its life span. Your Maroilles cheese will retain freshness for months inside your freezer. Frozen Maroilles cheese is used in cooking mostly.

Despite the advantages of freezing your Maroilles cheese, there is one disadvantage as well. Your Maroilles cheese will lose its natural taste and status. The texture of your Maroilles cheese will become crumby. Your well-connected cheese may also separate upon thawing.

How long does the Maroilles cheese Last?

The life of your Maroilles cheese varies with its storage medium. It depends on some physical factors as well. Temperature, humidity, air moisture affect the life of your Maroilles cheese greatly. As discussed earlier, the shelf life of Maroilles cheese is brief. The life of your Maroilles cheese changes with room temperature.

In winters, your packed Maroilles cheese is expected to last two days on the shelf. Similarly, your Maroilles cheese will last for a day in the summers on your shelf.  The refrigerator prolongs the life of your Maroilles cheese. It keeps your Maroilles cheese fresh for a long time. Your Maroilles cheese will remain healthy and fresh for two to three weeks inside your fridge.

The freezer will increment your Maroilles cheese’s life the most. It will keep your Maroilles cheese usable for as long as 2-3 months. However, your cheese will lose its natural attributes if it is frozen.

How to tell if Maroilles cheese is Bad?

Detecting a bad piece of Maroilles cheese is easy. Spoiled cheese is easily detected with your basic senses. Following signs indicates that your Maroilles cheese has gone bad

  • Bad Maroilles cheese develops a dark texture which is visible on the cheese. If your Maroilles cheese has lost its natural orange texture, then it may have spoiled. Do not consume suspected bad Maroilles cheese.
  • If your Maroilles cheese has become extra soft and mushy, then it has been spoiled and should be thrown away.
  • Spoiled Maroilles cheese generates an unusual smell. This smell is detected easily. Bad smell indicates the bacteria have invaded your Maroilles cheese, and it is no more usable.
  • The appearance of mold on your Maroilles cheese indicates that your cheese has gone bad. If the mold appears on one portion of your Maroilles cheese, you can cut it and use the rest of the cheese.