Does Marjoram Go Bad

Does Marjoram Go Bad?

Marjoram is the dried leaves of a herbal plant. Marjoram is a Greek word that means “joy of mountains.” There was a myth in the Ancient people that if Marjoram grew on a person’s grave, that person would enjoy eternal joy and happiness. Marjoram is a pretty friendly herb traditionally used in North African, Middle Eastern, French, Italian, and American cuisine.

Marjoram is a herb nearly similar to oregano. However, it taste’s a bit sweeter than oregano. Many people believe that Marjoram belongs to the same species of oregano. Marjoram compliments nicely sausages, various meat, fish, tomato sauce, salad, and bread stuffing. Well, herbs can also go bad; their original aroma flavor and taste are changed. The reason is when you add your dried herb into the cooking pot, the steam from the pot can get into the herb jar, and it results in bacterial growth. Once moisture gets in, your herb will go bad.

Can you store Marjoram?

There are two different ways to buy Marjoram; you can buy it in dried form or buy it fresh in the little cleaned plastic container. Make sure it is bright green and fresh-looking, and for dried Marjoram, double-check the best by date. To get to know more about storing Marjoram herb, keep reading this article. It will provide you with all the facts and particulars about Marjoram. To store Marjoram, use the following methods.

In the pantry

If you have bought a small amount of dried Marjoram, you can keep it in an air-tight container in a cool, dry, dark place, just like a pantry. It will be fine. Use it within six months for the best flavor and aroma. Beyond that, its taste will be edible but not fresh.

Plastic packaging

To store fresh Marjoram. Take a plastic bag and store fresh Marjoram in the damp paper towel or cloth, tucked loosely in a plastic bag or air-tight container.  It will keep lots of moisturizers. Store it in the refrigerator. You can use it within 10-14 days for the best quality.

Glass jar

Put Marjoram’s cut side down in a glass or jar and put a little bit of water in there just like you cut flowers, and now you can put a plastic bag just loosely over that to help hold the humidity in there. Please place it in the refrigerator at the back, where it’s quite cold. You can also store the dried Marjoram using the same way and place it in a cool place, just like any basement.

Can you freeze Marjoram?

Freezing of Marjoram retains much of the taste, flavor, aroma, and nutrients found in fresh ones. Well, they aren’t always to use in salad dressings or garnishing. The advantage of freezing herbs is that you can enjoy the herb long after the growing season has ended.

To freeze your freshly bought Marjoram. Wash it and remove the leaves and chop the leaves if you want to but that’s not mandatory. Allow the leaves to dry completely and put them in the air-tight bags or the zip-lock bags. Please place them in the freezer, and use them within six months for the best flavor.

Another way to freeze your fresh Marjoram will be to wash it and remove the leaves from the little twigs. You don’t need to worry about drying up in this method. Chop the leaves if desired. Place the measured amount in ice cube trays and add a little bit of water and then allow to freeze. Once they are frozen, transfer the ice cube into the air-tight container or freezer bag or something like that and again keep it in the freezer.

How long does Marjoram last?

The shelf-life of a herb depends upon the herb you are talking about and the way it is stored. Exposure to light, exposure to moisture, and exposure to air are the factors that cause the herb not to go bad but lose its potency. These factors cause issues for the herbs like Marjoram.

If dried Marjoram is stored using appropriate steps, the ground Marjoram will last about 3 to 4 years. Freshly stored Marjoram will keep up to good for 10-14 days. In comparison, the properly frozen Marjoram will last for 4-6 months.

How to tell if Marjoram is bad?

When Marjoram goes bad, its floral, lightly spiced fragrance, and slightly bitter and sweeter taste like oregano are affected. The dried Marjoram usually don’t get expired or go bad, but when someone says that dried herb has gone bad, it simply means that the herb has lost its flavor, potency, and aroma. Eating bad herbs will make you sick.

  • You need to discard the Marjoram herb immediately if you notice any off smell.
  • The spoiled Marjoram will become soft and discolored.
  • Discard the Marjoram herb that has any bad smell or appearance.