Does Margarita Mix Go Bad?

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Many people around the world enjoy summer drinks. One of the cool aids is a margarita mix. Along with all the ingredients, it has a minty flavour to it. This gives the body the necessary resources to enjoy a fresh drink and keep you hydrated.

While all this sounds good, margarita mix has a tendency to taste going bad. This means when we stir up all the ingredients, there is a possibility of hidden ingredient causing it to go rotten. Want to know what it could be? Keep reading.

How to Store Margarita Mix

The first question that should come to our minds is the process of storing the margarita mix. On many occasions, this is the culprit which makes margarita mix goes bad. You may have added lemons which cause drinks to rot earlier than expected.

Keep away from lemons

Lemons have citric acid stored in them. Alone, these lemons cause no harm, instead act as resistant to pests. But when added into sugary drinks makes them undrinkable after some time. Even other fruit items have a different effect on making margarita mix go bad.

What we can do is add a pinch of salt to the mix. This will cause lemon to bind with salt. The salt will add great taste to the mix. Also, help in extending the life span of the margarita mix. Drinking later on or storing it.

Refrigerate it

If you want that long-lasting chilly effect when you drink the margarita mix, the fridge is the best place. You can add crushed ice cubes to it to extend the rotting process. Thus, the taste of cold minty fresh margarita mix will be everlasting.

Choosing fresh items

You need to use freshly cut fruits whether you want to make a cocktail for a party or drink it on the beach. The important thing is that fruits are fresh because they would also play a key role in keeping the margarita mix drink fresh for a long duration and taste amazing.

Does the alcohol cause margarita go bad?

This depends on the type of alcohol you are using. If it is a canned beer added to the margarita, it will stop the aging process because of its own artificial preservatives. In contrast, if it is cellar wine, it can cause the whole margarita mix drink go bad.

Can You Freeze Margarita Mix?

Over time people have found new ways to enjoy this margarita mix. Frozen up, it looks like a piece of art which you can drink too. The fruits in this margarita mix now have ice cube crunchy feeling to it. At the same time, there are certain conditions to be careful before freezing the drink.

Recommended container

Given the option, you can use a plastic cup or metal bowl to freeze. Just make the margarita mix as usual. Fill the plastic cup and keep it straight. This way, when you have to take out the margarita mix from the plastic cup, it will come out with relative ease. Keeping its ice shape intact.

How Long Does Margarita Mix Last

Margarita mix drinks bought from shops have a higher shelf life as compared to homemade ones. Though it highly matters how you store it. What precautions did you take to save it from going bad matters a lot?

You can use blackberries in the mix. This removes the need for using alcohol which promoted the rotting process of margarita. Using multiple pitchers to hold the margarita can also save the whole drink. This goes the same for the ones bought from stores.

How to Tell If Margarita Mix Is Bad

The last thing you want is to make sure people do not get sick after drinking a few days old margaritas. Though it may be bought and within due date, or you made it at home. Here are a few steps to identify your margarita mix has gone bad.

  • Soon after the fruits get soft, mould will start appearing after a day, thus not drinking is a good idea.
  • The taste of your margarita mix would have changed drastically; even a sip of it would clear this confusion.
  • If you see some particles flowing around in the drink that is not recognizable, throw it out immediately.
  • If your refrigerator is smelling, it is probably due to margarita mix gone nasty.
  • Sometimes, there is a hole in the packaging of your margarita mix; your best bet is that pests have dug their way in.
  • You can also see de-pigmentation as turning into another colour completely.
  • There could be colour-less lumps forming.
  • Other times, there could be solid lines forming inside the drink, which shows the presence of bacteria and other germs. Therefore, indicating the margarita mix is no longer drinkable.