Does Manoao Go Bad

Does Manoao Go Bad?

Manoao is a slow-growing tree that grows on a variable range of growing conditions. It is also known as the white silver pine. Manoao has its origin from the central north. The Manoao tree is a coniferous tree. It is a good source of timber which is used to make furniture. It is also rich in chemicals used to make perfume and scents. Manoao has little edible uses as a fruit.

Does Manoao go bad? How to tell if it has gone bad? If such questions pop up in your mind, you have probably come to the right place.

How to store Manoao?

The ideal storage of Manoao depends upon many factors. The fruit has a long shelf life if stored carefully. When buying the fruit, always choose the freshest variety available. The fresher the fruit, the longer it lasts. To store the fruit well, you need to take care of adequate temperature and moisture conditions. If exposed to high temperatures, it can go bad due to the growth of molds.

Manoao can be stored by simple methods. Every method has got some pros and cons. Some of these methods are listed below.

Store at room temperature

If you intend to use the fruit in a few days, it can be safely stored at room temperature. Place whole fruits in a basket and store them at room temperature.

Store in the pantry

A pantry is always a good place for the storage of fruits. It provides a cool environment for storage which prevents the growth of molds in the fruits. However, this method is intended for short-term storage only.


If you aren’t planning on enjoying Manoao immediately, you can store the fruit in plastic bags inside your refrigerator. In this way, the fruit can be preserved for a long time. Home-canned fruits can also be stored for up to one year in the refrigerator. After this period, it may lose its quality. Commercially canned fruit can be stored for up to three years.

Can you freeze Manoao?

Yes, you definitely can. Like all other fruits, ManoaoManoao can be stored well in the freezer. The frozen fruit can last for an indefinite time in your freezer, so it is highly recommended. Freezing manoao requires easy steps, which you should follow. Here is a step-by-step guideline about how to freeze the fruit.

  • Wash your manoaos to remove all the dirt and dust.
  • Allow them to dry for few minutes.
  • Use a paper towel to dry the fruit well to remove all the moisture.
  • Use a knife to cut the fruit and pop out the seeds.
  • Cut the fruit into small-sized pieces.
  • Spread the pieces on a freezer tray or a baking sheet.
  • Freeze for a few hours for flash freezing
  • Now transfer the semi-frozen fruit to zip-lock plastic bags
  • Add a date or label on the bag for your ease.

If stored carefully, Manoao can last indefinitely in the freezer, which greatly benefits when the fruit is brought in bulk. You can thus enjoy its long-term benefits.

How long does Manoao last?

The shelf life of Manoao varies with the method of storage. While buying the fruit, prefer choosing the freshest fruit. Beware of moldy and spotted fruits in the stalk. If stored at room temperature, the fruit maintains a shelf life of approximately one week.

Refrigerating the fruit can increase its shelf life to a few months. Also, freezing the fruit turns out to be highly beneficial. It can keep the fruit fresh for another year. In this way, you can buy it in bulk and freeze it for another season.

How to tell if Manoao has gone bad?

Like all other fruits, Manoao tends to go bad if not stored correctly. It acquires some unusual characteristics making it unfit to eat. Always keep a check on your fruit to see if it has gone bad. Following indications can help you confirm this.

  • The spoiled fruit loses its natural texture and appearance and appears sloppy.
  • Small beetles may grow into the fruit. In this case, you should discard it immediately.
  • Molds may also grow into the rotten fruit, thus spoiling it.
  • The fruit may develop an off smell and taste.

If you notice any such signs, you should throw them away at the earliest. The moldy fruit can also damage other fruits in the vicinity. Eating spoiled fruit should be avoided as it can lead to several health issues.

Manoao is a unique fruit in terms of its advantages. It serves many other useful purposes in addition to its culinary use. Storing Manoao is very easy and manageable. If you have stored the fruit well, you can enjoy it for a long and benefit well from its uses.