Does Mangosteen Go Bad?

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Mangosteen is the queen of fruits. This tropical, exotic fruit is sour and slightly sweet. It is purple, and the juicy inner flesh is white. Mangosteen provides essential nutrients and plays a vital role in maintaining our health. Mangosteen encourages immunity and helps in fighting many diseases.

Mangosteen promotes other potential health benefits like brain health, heart health, and digestive health. Mangosteen is expensive because they are hard to grow. The shelf life of mangosteen isn’t too long, but it is extendable by providing proper storage. Yes, mangosteen turns bad and offers a short shelf life of a couple of weeks or more.

How to store mangosteen?

In this article, we will demonstrate the proper ways and techniques for storing mangosteen accurately, also a guide about its shelf life, freezing, whether it is still good enough to be eaten or not. If you are searching for any such purpose, then continue reading this article. To store mangosteen, adopt the following methods.

Room temperature

Mangosteen will sit at your room temperature but not for more than a couple of days. It is better to consume it before it rots. If you have brought unripe mangosteen, you have to let them ripe first. To do so, you need to go for letting them naturally ripe at your room temperature.

Mangosteen will be ripe within about three days at room temperature. Once they are ripened, they shouldn’t be kept at room temperature further long for couple more days. Once ripened, the best option is not to put mangosteen at room temperature in your pantry for more than three days.

Dark, cool places

Cool and dark places are good to keep your fruit for a long time. It would be best if you kept mangosteen in the dark, cool places away from excessive moisture. Keep in mind a lot of heat, and excessive moisture never let a fruit live for a long time.

Excessive moisture supports bacteria and leads to bacterial growth on the surface of fruits which makes them unhealthy. Place mangosteen somewhere with less heat and excessive moisture. Avoid exposure to much heat and moisture to enhance mangosteen’s shelf life.

Refrigerate it

Putting mangosteen in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator like you keep other fruits would be perfect. Refrigeration is an ideal option to opt for keeping your mangosteens. Refrigeration extends the shelf life and reduces the risk of early spoilage of mangosteen. It is recommended to store your mangosteen in the fridge as it stays healthy and fresh in the crisper drawer for a longer period. Refrigeration is suggested for quality purposes.

Can we freeze mangosteen?

Mangosteen is a fruit that has juicy white flesh inside. It would help if you never froze mangosteen; it is not recommended. On freezing mangosteen, it can damage its flesh inside. Unlike other fruits, the flesh of mangosteen gets highly damaged on freezing.

This fruit freezes very well in the freezer, and it’s hard to expect the same fresh texture of mangosteen after freezing. Whether they are ripe or unripe, it’s better if you do not try to freeze them. Sometimes, freezing is a good option for extending the shelf life of fruit, but not in the case of mangosteen. Freezing isn’t suitable for all fruits.

How long does mangosteen last?

Mangosteen doesn’t hold a long shelf life. You might be wondering about how long mangosteen can last. Mangosteen has a shelf life of two to three weeks maximum. It is only that much only if you provide it a favorable storage condition. Otherwise, fruit-like mangosteen is more like to spoil early.

Mangosteen is a delicate fruit and requires extra care to keep it safe from early spoilage. In a pantry in a dark and cool environment, they sit well for like four days.  It is better to refrigerate mangosteen for experiencing its long, quality time. Make sure to keep it away from a lot of moisture and heat. Freezing mangosteen isn’t suggested. Storing mangosteen in your fridge is an ideal thing you can opt for boosting up its shelf life.

How to tell if mangosteen is bad?

As we have mentioned above in this article, mangosteen has a short shelf life of about some weeks. It is good to have all the necessary information about your fruit. Don’t worry if you are unable to figure out whether your mangosteen is still good to be eaten or not. You must continue reading the article and look in your fruit for these signs written below to know whether it is still healthy for you or not.

  • If you see that your mangosteen is leaking juice, you should toss one with such a sign. A fruit leaking its juice and being extra mushy isn’t a good sign.
  • On observing the change in texture or the color of mangosteen, you should avoid eating it.
  • The flesh of mangosteen should be white and firm. If not, you should not eat it.