Does Mangetout Go Bad

Does Mange Tout Go Bad?

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Mange tout is generally an unripe form of peas. These are also called Snow peas or Chinese sugar peas. They are very thin and flat in texture and can be eaten with skin too. Mange tout is the best unripe veggie to eat.

Mange tout with some zest and juice of a lemon on it is a perfect combo for your daily brunch. Either it is stir-fried or raw, you would love the taste and odor of this veggie. The taste of this veggie is more like fruit because it tastes sweet. The appearance is almost the same as of riped peas. Just like peas, mange tout does go bad. The way to extend its shelf life is to store them properly.

How to Store Mange Tout?

Mange touts are mostly bought in a huge amount. The pods of this veggie are small and tiny, that you would eat them right away when started. But you may come up with some leftovers of mange tour, and you would be worried about how to store them. This article is all about mange tout and is necessary information so read on. You can store mange tout by following methods.

Store the veggies unwashed

The first trick to make the mage touts last long is to store them unwashed. Water intact can make the veggie go bad within hours. So always wash the veggie when you are sure that you would consume it within 4 to 5 hours.

Away from sunlight

You should always keep the mange touts away from sunlight or any heat source. Direct heat can make the skin and the veggie itself wilted and dry. So, avoid direct contact of vegetable with heat sources.

In a cool and dry spot

All you have to do is to ensure that the mange tout is placed in a cool and dry spot if kept at room temperature. Moisture is the big cause of mold growth in veggies. Also, a hot environment is not recommended too. So, to get the maximum from this crispy veggie, place it in a cool and dry place. You can use plastic bags with proper vents to store them.

In the refrigerator

You can keep the mange touts in the refrigerator for a long-term period. The veggie will not go bad if it is kept in proper packaging and with all precautions. Keep the mange touts in the crisper of the fridge or the refrigerator bin. Use airtight containers or zip-locked bags to keep the veggie for longer use.

Can you Freeze Mange Tout?

If you want long-term snow peas storage, i.e. mange tout, then freezing is the only good option. The texture and taste would remain the same even after months. Only you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the crisp and freshness of raw mange touts.

The proper way to freeze the fresh pods of mange tout is in freezer bags, i.e. zip lock bags. Zip locked bags are the most convenient way to store things in the freezer as it is airtight and occupies less space. Wash the veggie and let it dry completely.

After that, transfer the mange tout in the freezer bags are place them in the freezer. You can stir fry frozen mange tout and use them as a side dish. Also, you can make curries and stuff.

How long does Mange Tout Last?

The shelf life of mange tout depends on the storage conditions. The better the veggie is stored, the longer it will last. You will get the maximum from mange tout too if you store it well. If stored at room temperature with all precautions, the veggie will last for 1 to 2 days max.

Also, if they meet unfavorable conditions in this period, they may go bad even before. Refrigerated mange tout, on the other hand, will stay good to consume for a week. You should keep a check that the peas are not moist; otherwise, they will go bad earlier.

The frozen mange tout lasts the longest. They last for 10 to 12 months maximum in the freezer. After this period, the snow peas will start turning watery and bad even in the freezer.

How to tell if Mange Tout is Bad?

It is very easy to figure out whether mange tout is bad or not. This is because they give a very bad appearance and gross smell. Bad mange touts give the following indications.

  • Mold growth is the most common sign of bad and rotten mange tout. The affected area becomes gooey and bruised. You should not eat such pieces of veggie.
  • When rotten, the snow peas get discolored. The fresh green color of peas changes to brownish color.
  • There is a great chance of the presence of worms in this veggie. You should always check for one.
  • The bad mange tout gives an awful smell, and a white liquid is seen on them too. Discard the mange tout in all these conditions.