Does Mamoncillo Go Bad

Does Mamoncillo Go Bad?

Mamoncillo is a Spanish lime. It is also known as Melicoccus bijugatus, genipe, guinep, ginepa, limoncello, Chenet, Talpa, jocote, Canepa, skinip, huaya, etc. It is a fruit-bearing tree. It has large seeds and thin flesh. That’s why it provides a little bit of juice. It is used in the preparation of drinks, juice, jellies.

They are usually found in Mexico, the Caribbean, south and central America. Its plant grows in Florida. They are full of iron and phosphorous. It also resembles cashew nuts when it is roasted. Their wood is used for construction, carpentry, and cabinet making.

How to Store Mamoncillo

Mamoncillo is very effective for our health. It is most important in our daily used things. So, we have to store mamoncillo properly. Here are some methods to tell you how to store mamoncillo. These methods are given below:

Keep at Room Temperature

If you store Mamoncillo at room temperature, it will become hard after almost one week. So, you need to store it in Refrigerator. A refrigerator is a good place for storing them.

Refrigerate it

Set your Refrigerator on standard temperature, then put the dish of Mamoncillo into the Refrigerator for storage. If you stored your Mamoncillo without cover, then due to moisture, it will become soft after a week and also will lose its weight. Besides it, if you keep them in a refrigerator in a plastic bag or a ziplock, then it will last long for about four weeks or six weeks.

Keep away from Bright Light

It’s very important to keep it in a cool place nor a bright place. If you keep them in a bright place, they will turn yellow and will spoil earlier.

In a Container

You may also keep your Mamoncillo in a container. Ensure the container you use to store your mamoncillo is airtight so that no moisture arrives as moisture can make it spoil easily.

Slices of Mamoncillo

Cut the Mamoncillo into fine pieces on a hygienic board with a clean knife. Then put them into Refrigerator and do not keep the slices of Mamoncillo in the Refrigerator longer than one day because they will not remain fresh after that.

Can You Freeze Mamoncillo

Yes, we can freeze Mamoncillo to use for a longer period. When we freeze Mamoncillo, it will remain fresh and will last for four months. For this purpose, first of all, wash the Mamoncillos deeply, then take a plastic bag and place the Mamoncillos in it. Remove much air as possible.

As you can refrigerate the mamoncillo slices, you can also freeze them. For this method, we cut the Mamoncillo into fine pieces and then keep it in the freezer. The main benefit of keeping them in slices is that they do not stick with each other and will not freeze together. After freezing, it put them out and keeps them in a plastic bag. Make sure to remove as much air as possible.

How Long Does Mamoncillo Last

You know that Mamoncillo will remain fresh in plastic bags, in an airtight container, or a zip lock bag. Now we are going to tell you that how long can Mamoncillo last?

At room temperature, the Mamoncillo will last for two days. Because at room temperature, there is a contraction of moisture and bright light, which makes them soft and dry.

The Refrigerator, the Mamoncillo, will last up to twenty-one days because the Refrigerator is a good storage source. Sliced Mamoncillo will last up to three to four days. On the other hand, if you want to store your mamoncillo for a longer period, you must opt for the freezing method. Freezing this fruit will make it last for up to four months.

The shelf life of mamoncillo highly depends on the way, how you are storing it. If you take full care of it after buying, then it will last longer and remain fresh for a certain time, as aforementioned.

How To Tell If Mamoncillo Is Bad

All the food substances become bad after their due date. We are going to tell you a few methods of them which can help you for knowing either the Mamoncillo is getting worse or not. These few methods are described below in detail:

  • Taste: The original taste of Mamoncillo is between lime and lychee. It is sweet and acidic in taste. When the taste of Mamoncillo starts changing, that indicates it is going too bad.
  • Texture: The original texture of Mamoncillo is hairy. If you notice that it changes its texture, that means it has gone bad.
  • Smell: The original smell of Mamoncillo is like lime. If you notice that its smell is changed, then it has become bad.
  • Color: The original color of Mamoncillo is yellowish, like salmon. The spoiled Mamoncillo will change its color. Eating Spoiled Mamoncillo will be harmful to your health.