Does Mamey Sapote Go Bad

Does Mamey Sapote Go Bad?

Mamey sapote is the tree species aboriginal to Mexico and Central America. Its tree is also found in the Caribbean. The fruit of this tree is also eaten in Latin American Countries. We can make different things from this fruit, such as Milkshakes, ice creams, etc. It is also used in cakes and muffins to enhance the taste of food. Mamey marmalade can also be produced with the help of  Mamey sapote.

The scientific name of Mamey Sapote is Pouteria Sapota. It resembles papaya very much, but there are few differences between them. Mamey sapote is an American evergreen tree, while the papaya is a tropical tree that is large and yellow.

How to Store Mamey Sapote

Fresh Mamey sapote has smooth, brown in color, indigestible skin, and a crown raised on the top of the fruit. The flavor of Mamey sapote is a mixture of sweet potato and pumpkin. If you want to keep it fresh, healthy, and tasteful, then you have to store it in a sufficient place where it may retain its ability longer. There are few methods to store Mamey Sapote, which are given below.

At Room Temperature

If you are willing to eat in few days, then store it at room temperature. Storing at room temperature will keep the freshness of fruit for some days. After a few days, if Mamey Sapote becomes loose and soft, then do not eat it.

Refrigerate It

If you come to know that your Mamey Sapote is fully ripened, then put it in a zip-lock bag or put it in a container, then place it in a Refrigerate. It will remain fresh in the fridge for several weeks.

In A Plastic Bag

You should have to store fruits in plastic bags. Plastic bags keep distance between fruits and prevent them from moisture. Moisture is the biggest source to spoil the fruit. Like all fruits, Mamey Sapote can also be stored in a plastic bag then put into Refrigerator. When you put them out from Refrigerator after few days, they remain fresh same as before.

Away From Sunlight

It’s very important to keep your fruit away from sunlight because if you place it in sunlight, bacteria can produce itself, and molds can form. To keep them fresh, free from bacteria and molds, you should keep your Mamey Sapote away from sunlight and heat.

Can You Freeze Mamey Sapote

Putting your Mamey Sapote in the freezer can change its texture and taste, but it is an excellent method to preserve it.  We described some methods to freeze Mamey sapote.

First of all, wash, clean, and dry your mamey Sapote properly. Secondly, peel off the skin of it and then verb cut any undesirable spot. Thirdly cut your Mamey Sapote in small sizes if it is much larger. Then dry your fruit again to remove moisture much as possible. Transfer the Mamey Sapote to a large tray and spread them on it in a layer, then cover it with a plastic bag, put them in the freezer overnight.

Remove your tray from the freezer and transfer them in airtight freezer bags and squeeze out much air as possible. They will remain fresh and will last after six to nine months.

How Long Does Mamey Sapote Last

Mamey Sapote’s life depends on the certain circumstances and conditions in which it is kept. Every fruit has its shelf life which can be increased by using proper methods, including refrigerating and freezing.

At room temperature, Mamey sapote may last for two to three days. After some days, it is starting to turn yellow. The unripe mamey sapote can last more than the ripe one. As the shelf life varies on how to ripen it is.

Another method for Ripe Mamey Sapote is refrigeration. It will remain fresh in the Refrigerator and may last up to five days to one week. But make sure the proper methods of storage are followed, as discussed earlier. On the other hand, Mamey Sapote can last up to eight to twelve months in a freezer.

How To Tell If Mamey Sapote Is Bad

Mamey Sapote will go bad if you do not keep it in a cool place or do not take preventive measures. Some indications will tell you if Mamey Sapote has gone bad.

  • Taste: The original taste of Mamey Sapote is the combination of sweet potato and pumpkin. Its taste is also like chocolate pudding. If its taste becomes bitter, then get rid of it.
  • Color: The original color of Mamey Sapote is deep red. It looks like a Green tomato when it is unripe, and when it ripe, it looks like yellow-green. When it changes its color to dark black, then toss it away and do not eat.
  • Texture: The original texture of Mamey Sapote is creamy and soft. When it’s spoiled, it will change its texture and become hard in appearance.
  • Smell: The original smell of Mamey Sapote is very good if it changes its smell.