Does Malibu Rum Go Bad

Does Malibu Rum Go Bad?

Coconut flavored liqueur mixed with Caribbean rum and 21% alcohol. Malibu rum Pina colada can be said as the most famous alcoholic drink in the summertime due to a fruity touch in it. Malibu rum can also be known as flavored rum. It has a 50% lesser volume than that of normal rum, which has a minimum of 40% alcohol volume.

A normal rum has a volume of 40% alcohol in it, but Malibu rum has 21%, but its fruit flavor gives an extra kick. An unsealed bottle of this fruity can last up to ten years due to alcohol. As the bottle is unsealed, the quality of rum goes down rapidly if not stored properly.

How to store Malibu rum?

The storing of Malibu rum is similar to the methods used for storing other alcoholic beverages. An unopened bottle of it can last up to ten years. The quality of the rum starts to decrease gradually as the seal is opened. Alcohol evaporates quickly, so it must be sealed. The liqueur must be kept away from the heat and sunlight and must be stored in a dark and cool place.

Keep it at cool temperature

Due to the presence of alcohol in the liqueur, it must be kept in a cool place. Even a slight amount of heat can increase the oxidation of alcohol, and the taste can be changed. Keeping the alcoholic beverages, a room temperature can increase their shelf life, and later they can be chilled for when needed to drink.

Keep it away from sum light

When storing the liqueur, it must not be kept in direct sunlight. The sunlight increases the oxidation rate of alcohol, causing its discoloration and even a change in the taste, so it must be kept in a cool and dark palace.

Avoid deterioration

To avoid the deterioration of your Malibu rum, the opened bottle must be sealed quickly if needed to store. If the seal is left open, alcohol starts to evaporate quickly, and if left for some time, it causes its discoloration and a change in taste.

Store it in the fridge

Malibu is not as same as the other rums. Due to the higher concentration of sugar and fruity flavor, it’s more than a rum. An unopened bottle can go up to years, but the mottle must be kept sealed in the fridge once opened. At room temperature still, an opened bottle can last up to months if sealed and kept in the fridge.

Can you freeze Malibu rum?

It’s best not to freeze your Malibu rum in the freezer because it can go for years if the bottle is not opened. The fruity rum can be kept in the lower portion of the fridge, and it will last for months if the seal is not left open.

Still, it can be freeze to lock its freshness. Due to the presence of more sugar, it becomes solid on freezing. It must be kept at room temperature for some time for thawing, and any heat contact must be avoided.

How long does Malibu rum last?

The shelf life for your fruity coconut rum is two years. It can also be consumed after two years, but the flavor and refreshing aroma of rum start to fade away after two years, and an unopened bottle can be consumed even after ten years if the bottle is properly stored. The bottle must be taken good care of. If opened, the seal must be closed tightly.

The opened rum bottle can last up to 1 year, but the natural taste starts to get away after that. The bottle must be kept away from the insects as it is the only rum with a higher sugar concentration that attracts the insects towards it. The opened bottle may also cause the quick evaporation of alcohol by which the natural booze of the drink is lost.

How to tell if Malibu rum is bad?

To tell if your summer drink has gone bad, look for any change in the color of a strong smell. The leftover in the bottle must be taken good care of. If the bottle is properly stored, it can last for even a decade, but any bad bacteria entering the bottle can react with alcohol making the liqueur the worst drink to have. If any discoloration occurs, throw out the bottle.

Expired alcohol drinks don’t go bad; they just lost their taste and kicked depending upon the drink and alcohol volume. Malibu rum has a volume of 21% of alcohol, and other rums have a minimum of 40% of alcohol volume, so it does not go bad, just losses its natural taste, smell, and booze.