Does Mahón Cheese Go Bad

Does Mahon Cheese Go Bad?

There are different types of cheese found worldwide, including fresh, cured fermented, and blue-veined. Mahon cheese is made from cow’s milk and produced in Menorca (one of Spain’s Island). It is soft to hard, cream-colored cheese.

It is a multifaceted cheese because it can be eaten alone and added to many cooked dishes. The conventional way of eating Mahon cheese is to cut the thin layer of cheese or slice it and spread some virgin olive oil. It has a buttery flavor.

How To Store Mahon Cheese

Mahon is a soft to hard, pressed cheese. As it is pressed cheese, you should take care of it and protect it from drying out. You should always buy the cheese as much as you can consume within a few days. Now the important matter is that if you buy a bulk of cheese, how will you store it? So, the following are the ways given below for the storing of Mahon cheese.

In Refrigerator

The cheese you bought should be carefully stored in a Refrigerator. You can buy some cheese storage bags, as they will maintain the freshness, and the flavor will last longer. The cheese storage bags have some pores, so it will let the cheese breathe (means a little part of air can be passed from the bag) while the air exposure is prevented. You can use the storage bags for the same type of cheese until you feel that it should be replaced now.

Wax Paper

Another thing is paraffin paper or wax paper. If you don’t have the cheese storage bags, you can use wax paper. Wax paper is moisture-proof paper; you can wrap your cheese in wax paper and then loosely cover it with a thin plastic bag, which is easily available, and then store it in a refrigerator.

Bell Jar

You can also store the cheese in a dome-shaped bell jar that is beautifully designed; your Mahon cheese looks beautiful. The purpose of that bell jar is that it will create proper humidity every time.

But the main and most important thing is that don’t store the Mahon cheese in a plastic bag, as you are suffocating the cheese. The second thing is that don’t wrap the cheese too tightly, as it will smell bad.

Can You Freeze Mahon Cheese

You can not store cheese at a very low temperature because if you store the cheese in a low-temperature environment, it will lose its flavor. The frozen cheese is not suitable for eating alone. You can store the cheese in between 7-to-9-degree Celsius temperature. The cheese will degrade, loses its flavor and texture if kept at a very low temperature.

Wrap your cheese in a cheese storage bag and place it in a refrigerator. Don’t store the cheese in a plastic bag, as the cheese will smell like plastic. Hence, store the inappropriate cheese manner at the proper temperature.

How Long Does Mahon Cheese Last

This semi-hard cheese has a salty and buttery taste. Mahon contains vitamin A and calcium, which are important for your body. Mahon cheese can last a year if stored properly, but you can store it for about six months at your home.

Its creamy texture and buttery taste attract people to buy it in bulk. So, the main point is that how long Mahon will last at your place. So, in a freezer, it can last for three months. The shelf-life of Mahon cheese is quite good as it will last for up to 6 months, but the taste will reduce with time. Hence the better thing is that don’t open the cheese packet if you are not using it.

Mahon has a good melting point, thus taking it out of the refrigerator before eating as it will melt, and you can have it on your bread. Mahon lasts long if you store it properly, following the storage techniques.

How To Tell If Mahon Cheese Is Bad

The upper layer of Mahon is light orange to brownish. If you haven’t used your stored cheese for a long time, use it before it starts spoiling. There are certain ways to tell if your Mahon has spoiled. If you see any of these signs, then your food has spoiled, and now it’s time for you to dump it. Let’s have a look;

  • Appearance: Soon as it turns bad, its appearance will change, followed by a change of taste.
  • Mold: You will see some changes to its texture, like some mold growth and white patches.
  • Smell: One of the indications of Mohan getting worse is that It will start smelling bad. Discard it right away.
  • Taste: It will taste and smell sour; its buttery taste will change into a sharp sour taste.