Does Mabolo Go Bad

Does Mabolo Go Bad?

Mabolo is a vitamin-rich fruit native to the Philippines; it is also called “Velvet Apple,” as its name suggests; its outer covering comes in velvety texture with green color and becomes faded magenta when it is ripened.

It is known to be a novel fruit because of its small production, limited to some areas. Mabolo has a very strong cheese-like odor which dissipates after peeling it. Mabolo can remain fresh and fragrant if they are carefully stored. Still, they can spoil if we don’t store them properly like. If they don’t have access to adequate air or are stored somewhere near moisture, they will eventually go bad.

How To Store Mabolo

Mabolo has a sweet taste and a much firmed velvety coat. To retain their firmed and smooth texture, they must be stored properly. Normally mabolo can remain fresh for a week, but if we do not store them with care, their life span will shorten.

You can store mabolo using the following methods, and you will notice that they will be as good as fresh.

Keeping in Dry and Cool Place

Mabolo can be stored at room temperature, and they will remain fresh for 5-7 days. But they should be kept in dry and cool places, where no moisture and heat can reach them.

Storing Unripe Mabolos

If you have bought unripe mabolos and want to store them, then first let them ripe completely; you can keep them at your kitchen counter and let them sit on their shoulders so that they can be prevented from getting bruises.

You will notice that they will start ripening; now, once they are ripened, immediately put them into the refrigerator. If you want them to ripen faster, then here is a tip for you, put them in a plastic bag and then place them at your kitchen counter. Putting them into a plastic bag will accelerate the process of ripening, and they will ripe faster.

In Refrigerator

If you want to use mabolos for up to 2 weeks, you can do it by refrigerating them. To put them in to fridge, first wash them properly to remove all dirt and debris, then without peeling, starting from ahead, cut them into four equal parts, now put them in an airtight container and then refrigerate it.

This way, mabolos will retain their freshness and will last for up to 2 weeks. You can easily use them in your desserts or for baking. You can add lemon juice over the slices of mabolos before putting them into an airtight jar, as it will prevent them from early browning.

Can You Freeze Mabolo

If you want to use mabolos for up to a year, then freezing them is the best option you can opt for. To freeze Mabolos, first rinse them to remove dirt and debris, peel them, cut into small chunks, remove extra moisture with the help of a towel, and then put them into the baking tray.

Ensure that every piece of mabolo is separated from each other before putting them into the freezer. If they are not separated, they will freeze in the form of a lump, which will be very difficult for you to defrost when you want to use them. After freezing, mabolos can last for 6-12 months.

How Long Does Mabolo Last

Mabolos have a shelf life of around 5-7 days at room temperature if stored properly; basically, how long will they last depending on how they are stored. Mabolos should be kept in a dry and cool place, plus you should place them in a way that they are separated from each other to prevent early bruising.

Putting them into the fridge can increase their life span for around ten days, but do not keep unripe mabolos in the fridge because it can affect their ripening process, and their flavor and sweet taste will not be as good as it is for ripe mabolos. Let them fully ripe first, and then you can refrigerate; this way, their flavor, and taste will be retained.

How To Tell If Mabolos Is Bad

Healthy mabolos have a sweet taste, smooth velvety coat, and pungent odor when placed in ideal conditions. But like other fruits, it can go bad if it is not stored properly.

When Mabolos are overripe, or they are near to spoilage, some changes in texture and smell are there with the help of which we can tell whether they have gone bad or not.

  • Wrinkly Appearance: If you notice a wrinkly appearance on the skin of mabolos and their skin is not as smooth as it used to be, then you should not buy those mabolos because they are started to spoil.
  • Super Softness: When you press mabolos, and you feel the super softness, it means that they have got mold, and soon they will be completely rotten. So, it is better to check for such types of mobos and only buy fresh ones.