Does Lucuma Go Bad

Does Lucuma Goes Bad?

Lucuma is a fruit that grows on a tree, and it is usually found in South America, Ecuador, Chile, and Peru. It is a round-shaped fruit cover with a soft layer, and from inside, the stuff is in the form of powder. You can eat the powder by peeling the skin.

Lucuma is a unique fruit and not very common. However, it is very beneficial for human health as it contains Iron, Zinc, Calcium, and Protein. It is very beneficial for heart disease, and also it helps you to maintain your sugar level. Lucuma can also be useful for weight loss.

How To Store Lucuma

Lucuma powder is very healthy and delicious. In a comparison of other fruits, lucuma contains a low level of sugar. You can add your powder to ice cream as it develops great taste. There are different ways through which you can store your fruit.

In an Open Area

Lucuma is a power form, and the appropriate method to store your fruit is to keep them in a container. Before keeping them in a container, you have to put the powder in a plastic bag. Seal it, and it should be air-tighten. Place them in a dark and cool place for storage.

You can also store lucuma pulp in a container. The process is very easy as you have to take one container and fill it with the pulp. Seal the cap properly and place it in your kitchen. You can use a towel to cover it, and it will help the pulp to remain cooler.

Refrigerate it

The powder form is eaten fresh, and it is usually very dry. To store them for a longer period, it is not necessary to store them in a refrigerator. The most suitable way to store fruit is to keep them in an air-tighten container and place it somewhere outside in a cool and dark place.

On the other hand, you can store lucuma pulp in a refrigerator. Keep the pulp in a jar, and it should be air-tight. Lucuma pulp can last for a longer period if it is stored in a refrigerator.

Away from Sunlight

The fruit is very sensitive, and after peeling the skin, it is better if you keep it away from sunlight as the powder form will turn into small rocks, and they cannot be used for a longer period. It is necessary to keep it at a cool temperature; otherwise, it will start spoiling.

Can You Freeze Lucuma

Lucuma is a fruit that can be eaten raw, and also it can be used with other sweet ingredients such as ice cream, smoothie, pie, etc. You cannot freeze powder form, and neither the pulp of the fruit can be frozen, but keeping it in a refrigerator will make it hard.

If you are considering freezing your fruit, the possible method is to mix the powder or pulp in other sweet ingredients and the recipes made from lucuma, i.e., ice cream or smoothie, etc. You can freeze them, and that can be the preferable way to freeze lucuma powder.

How Long Does Lucuma Last

Lucuma is a very refreshing and unique fruit in terms of taste and appearance. The shelf life of this fruit is very long as its natural form is powder. If you store your fruit in an air-tight container and place it somewhere cool, it will allow you to use it for almost two years.

Many companies sell lucuma powder in their packing, and once the packing is open, you have to place it in an open area. The shelf life will be up to 2 to 3 months. You have to make sure that it should be kept away from water because it can be spoiled.

Lucuma powder is sensitive, its taste does not change too soon, but water or even sunlight can harm it. The shelf life of powder suffers, and sometimes it gets expired even before time. After consuming, you have to seal the packet properly.

How To Tell If Lucuma Is Bad

Lucuma powder is very famous in South America and Peru, and it is very rare as it grows in countries having a cold temperature. They have a unique taste, and though they are very popular, certain factors can help you get to know that fruit is going bad.

  • Appearance: The powder form is orange in color, and they last for a longer time, but when they are spoiled, their color will turn brown, and you will be able to notice that powder is converted into small rocks. You will be able to notice textures which is the identification of bad fruit.
  • Bad Smell: Lucuma has a very refreshing smell, and you can identify the expiry of fruit by its bad smell. The smell is not much hard, but it will be easy for you to know that your fruit cannot be eaten further.