Does Lovage Go Bad

Does Lovage Go Bad?

Lovage is a plant leaf cultivated and harvested in Europe. The plant grows up to 6-8 ft. and leaf size is about 2.0 to 2.5m. They have a similar taste to celery. It is very popular and is used frequently in Southern European Cuisine. You can use seeds of lovage as a spice.

Lovage is a very healthy plant as it contains a large amount of Vitamin C, and also it is very helpful to prevent kidney stones. It works as a blood purifier, and it makes your digestive system strong. It is also used as a medicine that is very impactful for headaches.

How To Store Lovage

The leaves of lovage are eaten with multiple dishes, i.e., you can consume it as a side dish with salads, fish and soup, etc. There are many ways through which you can preserve your lovage.

Keep in Refrigerator

The fresh leaves are very delicate, and to preserve them for a longer period, the suitable option is to keep them in a refrigerator. After picking the leaves, you have to wash them. Once they are

Washed, they should be dried. Make a bunch of leaves and tie it all together.

Put them in a basket and keep them in a refrigerator. You can also wrap leaves in a newspaper or any other paper and keep them in a refrigerator.

In an Open Area

You can also keep your lovage in the kitchen area. The process is almost the same that you have to wash them first and make them dry. To preserve them, you have to keep them in the dark place, and the temperature should be less than 20C. This will allow you to store it for a longer period.

Away from Sunlight

The leaves are very sensitive, and due to extensive heat, they start spoiling. If you are preserving your leaves in an open area, they must be kept away from sunlight. There would be a negative effect on the freshness of leaves if you stored them in a dark place.

Freeze it

The most frequent method which every other people are using is to freeze them. You have to cut the leaves into two pieces. Wash the leaves and make them dry. Put the leaves in a plastic bag and seal it. It should be air-tight. Add two teaspoons of salt before sealing it and freeze it. It will take 5 to 6 hours to freeze.

Can You Freeze Lovage

The most appropriate way to use lovage for a longer period is to freeze them. The preference of most people is to use frozen leaves. To freeze your leaves, you have to cut the leaves into two pieces. If any leaf is spoiled, discard them. Otherwise, it will affect others.

Frozen leaves can be served as a salad, or you can consume it with seafood. The only element you are required to take care of is that before using frozen leaves, you have to keep them outside for 25 to 30 minutes to get back to their actual shape.

How Long Does Lovage Last

Lovage plant takes approximately three years to become mature. Once the plant is grown, it will produce leaves every year. If fresh leaves are stored in a refrigerator, you can consume them for 15 days. And if any leave is becoming spoiled, remove it immediately from the bunch.

Suppose you give your preference to store them in your kitchen area. They will be useful for a week. To keep them fresh, they should be placed in a darker area. On the other hand, frozen leaves can last up to six months. It can be used for a longer time if they are not spoiled.

The positive aspect of lovage is that its taste does not change and serves frozen leaves with seafood. The even better taste will be developed. Generally, it is suggested that you should not eat lovage when it is expired as it can affect your health.

How To Tell If Lovage Is Bad

Lovage is a very rich plant, and it grows in summer. However, the leaves are very sensitive, and it dies in the autumn season. We are mentioning some key points that will help you evaluate when your leaves cannot be used for a longer time.

  • Appearance:Lovage leaves are a color combination of green and yellow, and when they start spoiling, they will start turning from green to brown. When the patches and holes are prominent on leaves, you have to discard them.
  • Pest: Lovage grows on moisture soil, and, commonly, insects and worms attack them. They started biting leaves which creates holes or tears them. You can no longer use these kinds of leaves.
  • Taste: It has a mild taste, but when lovage is spoiled, you will be able to feel bitterness in the taste, which means that your lovage is bad now.