Does Longan Go Bad?

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Dimocarpus longan or simple longan is one of the tropical trees which bears edible fruit on it. The longan fruit is somewhat similar to the lychee and rambutan fruit but is usually less aromatic in taste.

It is known to be sweet and juicy, and its seeds and peels are not consumed. The longan fruit is pretty good for your immune system; memory also relieves fatigue and functions as an antidepressant. This sweet longan fruit may go bad due to surpassing its shelf life or due to your inability to provide it optimum conditions needed by it.

How To Store Longan

If you wish to maximize the shelf life of longan and avoid getting spoiled, you have to know about its storage techniques. Suppose you have just bought longan and wondering now how you can provide it optimum conditions. In that case, fortunately, you are going to be familiar with it soon as you continue reading our article.

In this article, we will mention some really important tips on how to handle your stock of longan fruits so that these do not have to be thrown in the bin. When there will be no need to throw it in the bin, you will be more frequently able to use them to serve you with many purposes.

If properly taken care of, the fruit will serve you with many purposes, yes! It may be added to any of the dishes which need more sweetness, like smoothies, mouth-watering desserts, and even sauces which you love to enjoy side by side with your favorite meals.

Longan is a seasonal fruit, and hence it is picked up during summers. Because of its availability in specific seasons, the storage techniques of it urgently need to be understood and kept in mind, so without wasting further time, let’s get started.

Refrigerate it

To help longan attain its maximum shelf life, keep it refrigerated all of the time in a sealed plastic bag or the crisp portion. To refrigerate longan, avoid keeping it with any other food because it will cause the longan fruit to lose moisture and its freshness consequently.

Freeze it

Another way to store longan fruit is to put it inside the freezer. It can be frozen in either a raw form or without the peel. There is a special method to do so and that you will be getting to know below.

Can You Freeze Longan

To tell whether the longan fruit may be frozen or not, so yes, it may be frozen, as we just previously mentioned. Freezing helps it to retain its freshness and wholesomeness for a comparatively longer duration of time up to a few months and used after that.

To freeze your longan fruit, keep it always in an airtight container or a freezer bag, as the fruit’s shelf life will be reduced by a few months if kept without a container due to freezer burn. Another good way to do so is to flash freeze its flesh to be used later in smoothies or delicious desserts.

How Long Does Longan Last

For how long does your nutritious longan last? The only and precise answer to that depends on the preservation methods you opt to provide for optimum conditions and the quality of the fruit that has been bought.

Certainly, fresh longan fruit will show a greater shelf life than that fruit that is not fresh enough. Also, the shelf life of the fruit varies under the influence of different conditions, which are supplied to help it retain its quality.

Longan fruit kept at room temperature generally lasts up to 5 to 7 days. That stock of longan fruit is stored in the refrigerator, it usually lasts up to 2 to 3 weeks, and frozen longan fruit lasts up to 6 months. While opened longan can last up to 1 to 2 hours at room temperature, and to the same time as we mentioned above when refrigerated and frozen.

How To Tell If Longan Is Bad

Getting an insight into signs of spoilage of your meals is also a must besides know-how of its uses, benefits, storage techniques, and shelf life. It is necessary so that you don’t catch any food-borne illness due to intaking it and taking precautions.

You have been familiar with using your senses to determine spoilage of nearly all meals, and these work well. Again, we are telling you how to use your senses to determine if the longan is fit enough to be brought into use or not.

  • Texture: Longan fruit going bad or just near to that tends to develop a soft appearance.
  • Odor: An off-odor is yet another confirmation of the spoilage of longan fruit.
  • Appearance: Longan, which has gone bad, also gets darker in its appearance.
  • Taste: If the signs mentioned above are not observable, taste it. If the taste is not sweet and has turned sour, throw it.