Does Loganberry Go Bad

Does Loganberry Go Bad?

Loganberry is also known by other names like boysenberry, phenomenal-berry, and tayberry. The fruit shows higher similarity to blackberries than raspberries, but it is red with a fleshy texture, unlike your blackberries. The Loganberry is believed to prevent cancer, promote a healthy brain, improve heart health, digestion, and reduce wrinkles. Loganberry can be used as a perfect substitute for your blackberries or raspberries.

Loganberry being so nutritious and useful, may go bad. It may go bad due to various reasons. Though there is a probability of it going bad, there is also a probability of maximizing its shelf life by providing optimum conditions.

How To Store Loganberry

Not only the Loganberry fruit is super nutritious, but also it is super useful and offers us a wide range of uses. These wide-ranged uses of the fleshy red fruit include jamming, canning, freezing, and various beverages.

Loganberry may be used to serve with your favorite salads, sorbets, ice creams, syrups, smoothies, or cocktails as well. So, to cut it short, the fruit, because of its characteristic sweet flavor, may be added to dishes or beverages where sweetness is required.

The foremost thing now which needs to be dealt with is how you can preserve your Loganberry fruit? What optimum conditions are essential to help it retain in terms of both quality and flavor? Let’s get to know that below.

Check Out for The Rotten Ones

Before going to the store Loganberry, check if there are any rotten berries you can observe. If there is no rotten Loganberry, you must follow the storage techniques mentioned below, but if any rotten Loganberry is seen, so first separate and discard it.

Refrigerate It

Once you have picked up a ripe Loganberry, keep it inside a shallow container. Then put that container in the refrigerator immediately. If properly refrigerated all of the time, the berry will last up to a couple of days.

Freeze It

The Loganberry fruit may also be frozen to make it last longer. The fruit freezes well; therefore, freezing it is another option to store and preserve it well.

Wash It Only When It Has to Be Used Right Away

We all are familiar with the fact that our fresh fruits lose their freshness and quality if kept in a container containing leftover moisture. For this reason, do not wash the Loganberry unless you are sure that you will be consuming it immediately.

Can You Freeze Loganberry

Freezing is a pretty good technique used for many years to maximize the shelf life of various meals you come up with. However, this ancient preservation technique does not do justice with each of the meals or fruits you eat.

Luckily, Loganberry may be frozen. To freeze it, first wash and then drain it using cold water, which is followed by drying and arranging them on a tray in a single layer. After that, fast freeze for around 1 hour, and once these are frozen, pour inside freezer bags in the freezer, and boom, you are done.

How Long Does Loganberry Last

Your loganberry fruit holds a specific shelf life and remains safe to use within that frame of time. The shelf life which this fruit exhibits will be different under different provided conditions.

So, for what duration of time does your stock of loganberries last? The answer to that lies significantly in the fact that what storage conditions you are specifically able to provide and the quality of the fruit when it was being bought.

The Loganberry will last only up to 1 to 2 days if left at room temperature, up to 5 to 7 days in the refrigerator if kept refrigerated all of the time. While for that stock of loganberries kept inside the freezer after following the procedure that we just discussed so far, it will last up to 1 year and maybe consumed after that the way you like to.

How To Tell If Loganberry Is Bad

Despite all of the points that we took under our consideration regarding loganberries, another key point is also a must to be familiar with. And that is how to tell if your Loganberry is safe to use or not?

An idea of its spoilage is necessary to avoid getting subjected to any of the foodborne illnesses. How can you figure that out? Right below in the article, we will mention some of its signs of spoilage, which confirms its spoilage.

  • Texture: Loganberries that are going bad or just about to go bad become soft and mushy in their texture.
  • Appearance: Another sign of confirmation of its spoilage in its discoloration. Mold appearance also confirms its spoilage.
  • Odor: A foul odor is also clearly felt for those loganberries which have just gone bad.
  • Taste: If its taste gets sour, discard it in that case too.