Does Livarot Cheese Go Bad

Does Livarot Cheese Go Bad?

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Livarot is a French cheese, a characteristic soft, creamy, savory cheese prepared from Normande cow’s milk. It is known to have a citrusy, nutty, and spicy flavor accompanied by a strong aroma. Livarot is best served with bread: crusty, fruits, vegetables, salads, red wines, soups, and gratins.

The cheese contains a proportion of vitamins, minerals, fats, and carbs, which is quite healthy. To answer the question of whether the Livarot cheese may go bad or not, so yes, this cheese tends to get spoiled. Thus being a soft cheese, it may go bad more readily than hard cheeses.

How To Store Livarot Cheese

To utilize your stock of round Livarot cheese and make the most of the nutritional merits that it offers you, you need to know well regarding its storage techniques. It is then only possible when you will store and preserve it the way it needs to be.

As we just previously mentioned that this soft cheese is used to serve many purposes of yours, so you may consider storing it. If you are willing to purchase it and use it in many of your favorite dishes, then follow us on the article to get to know how you can preserve it adequately to bring it into your use consequently.

Before getting on to the storage conditions necessary to keep your Livarot cheese fresh, it is important to include what kind of texture this cheese carries. So the Livarot Cheese is soft; thus, it may be stored like ordinary soft cheeses.

When purchasing cheese, it is better to keep in your mind to purchase only that amount of cheese that you will be easily able to consume within a few days. But even then, if some of its remains are left, let’s see how you can store that.

Using Wax or Parchment Paper

Since Livarot cheese is a soft cheese and contains moisture, it needs to be wrapped loosely in wax or parchment paper to expose air. Also, do not mistakenly leave it wrapped in plastic.

Use A Cheese Dome or A Bell Jar

Another way of storing your stock of Livarot cheese is to cover it using a cheese dome or a bell jar. Once it is covered, keep it inside the refrigerator to allow it to maintain its climate.

Can You Freeze Livarot Cheese

Whenever dealing with storage techniques of any particular food item, freezing is also one of those techniques which come up in our mind. Though this technique increases the shelf life to a higher extent, it is not encouraged every time.

So can you freeze your nutty and creamy Livarot cheese, and is the process worthy of being done? In general, freezing your Livarot cheese is not encouraged because it causes its quality and overall texture or structure to be damaged, so you cannot preserve it in the freezer. Rather, it can be stored after being added to dishes.

How Long Does Livarot Cheese Last

The only precise answer to how long your Livarot cheese stock lasts depends largely on the conditions you are capable of providing it and the quality of that cheese which you have just bought. Certainly, it goes bad just like other cheeses, but what is that certain time limit within which it needs to be consumed?

The shelf life of soft cheeses is less than those of the semi-hard and hard cheeses which we bring into our use. For this reason, the provision of suitable storage conditions for your soft Livarot cheese is very much essential.

If you can keep it refrigerated all of the time after buying, it will last up to 1 to 2 weeks beyond its printed date. If frozen as raw, it will not be subjected to any bacterial attack but will lose its true essence with time.

How to Tell If Livarot Cheese Is Bad

We nearly discussed all of the aspects related to Livarot cheese above. Now another aspect needs to be taken under consideration, and that is how to recognize whether your stock of Livarot cheese is safe enough to be consumed or not.

For this purpose, we will tell you to use the reliable senses you have been using for years to determine your meals’ spoilage. Let’s get to know that right below to find out.

  • Smell: If there is an off-odor coming from your Livarot cheese, discard it right away.
  • Mold appearance: Another sign of confirmation of its spoilage is mold appearance. In that case, throw it and exchange it with fresh stock.
  • Texture: Livarot cheese going bad also tends to get harder at its edges. This change in texture also confirms that Livarot cheese has gone bad.
  • Taste: The taste also gets off when it has gone bad.