Does Lemon Juice Go Bad?

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Lemon juice obtained from little yellow fruit has tremendous health and beauty benefits. Being a great source of pectin fiber, lemon juice plays an important role in gastrointestinal tract regulation.

Consuming a glass of lemon water daily can boost up your metabolism and also improves your eyesight. Lemon juice has antioxidant properties. Lemon juice can go bad, but chances are very less as they have a high content of ascorbic acid.

Highly acidic, it prevents bacteria from spoiling lemon juice, and acidic content retards microorganisms’ growth. Mold formation may occur if you opened the seal and haven’t stored the lemon juice bottle properly.

How to store lemon juice?

Lemon juice bottles are available in store. They have the best before date printed on them. They have a long shelf-life due to the presence of preservatives in them. Homemade freshly prepared lemon juice has a short life and can go bad very quickly if not stored properly due to lack of preservatives. Following are the ways that can help you making lemon juice last longer.

Placing it in a cool and dry place

If you have bought a lemon juice bottle from a store, your pantry is the best place to keep it. You can store sealed lemon juice bottles for as long as eighteen months in the pantry.

Store-bought have preservatives and high ascorbic acid content, which act as preservatives themselves; lemon juice stays good and tastes the same even storing for a month. Storing sealed bottles in the pantry is recommended because of its cool and dry environment.

Heat and moisture contribute most to flourishing bacterial and fungal growth. Try keeping bottles away from sunlight in case of plastic ones.

Keeping it in the refrigerator

Let’s talk about homemade lemon juice that you have prepared from freshly squeezed lemons. You need to transfer the liquid in an airtight jar so that there is no direct contact between air and moisture.

After doing so, place it directly in the refrigerator. As they don’t have additives, so it can get worse if you’re thinking of storing them in the pantry at room temperature.

In the case of market one, you need to store the bottle containing lemon juice in the fridge if you have opened the seal. As microorganisms and spores causing mold formation can get in if the bottle is not sealed, leading to lemon juice spoilage.

Can you freeze lemon juice?

The freezing method is usually applied to increase the shelf life of foods. In the case of lemon juice, you can freeze it. Homemade lemon juice being preservative-free, need to be stored in a fridge or freezer. However, the freezer can stretch lemon juice life for months.

You can preserve freshly extracted lemon juice in the freezer by putting juice in an ice-cube tray. Once frozen; you can place these little lemon juice ice cubes in a zip lock bag and use them when needed in recipes and different kinds of marination. However, you will need to defrost it first and then it is ready to use.

How long lemon juice last?

Lemon juice usually lasts for about two days to a whole year. It all depends upon the lemon juice variety and the way it is preserved or stored.

We can discuss three categories of lemon juice; the first one is homemade squeezed lemon juice. It is very fresh and has a very short life. In other words, lemon juice should be used within 2-3 days, and it lasts for approximately one week in the freezer.

Second comes the store-bought refrigerated lemon juice. It can be preserved longer than that of homemade juice. It will be good to use for seven days kept in the fridge after the seventh day; it will become unsuitable for use in our daily life.

The last comes the store-bought unrefrigerated lemon juice. You can store it easily for 3-6 months. If they are refrigerated, they can easily be preserved for 6-12 months added to it; manufacturers also eliminate 90 percent of water from the lemon juice to reduce bacteria growth.

How to tell if lemon juice is bad?

Likewise, in other various juices, lemon juice also falls in its quality before it goes bad. There are some ways you can observe the gradual changes in the stored or the unrefrigerated lemon juice.

If you are a daily lemonade taker, you will not notice little lemon juice changes. Three basic steps that make us aware of spoiled lemon juice.

  • Lemon juice appearance: The appearance of bad lemon goes dark yellow.
  • Lemon juice odor: You can also smell the lemon juice to see if it gives funky smell.
  • Lemon juice taste: Its color becomes darker than normal and gets dull, and from the taste, you can easily conclude. The taste of a spoiled lemon, along with its odor, gets sour enough to be tasted. The original taste of lemon is different from the spoiled one. The best is to discard the rotten lemon juice rather than using it and getting unwell.