Do Lemon Aspens Go Bad

Does Lemon Aspen Go Bad?

Lemon aspen is a tiny snack fruit native to Australia. It is the fruit of the citrus family. This citrusy fruit has a size of some inches, and it grows in bulk on the trees. Lemon aspen is also known as lemonwood in some areas.

The outer core of lemon aspen is slightly tough, like apples. The inner pulp is gooey, soft and extra refreshing. This is not as tart and citrus as lemons, but they give a refreshing taste, and you can eat them raw too. Also, lemon aspen has small black seeds in its flesh. Lemon aspen is a fruit, and it does go bad. Just store lemon aspen well, and you will get the maximum from it.

How to Store Lemon Aspen?

Lemon aspen is a tiny fruit that can be eaten in bulk; that’s why people buy it in a large amount. Then they wonder how to store it properly so that it won’t go bad. Don’t worry because this article will tell you all the necessary information about lemon aspen, so read on. You can store lemon aspen at the following places in your home.

In the Pantry

You can store lemon aspen in your pantry for 1 to 2 days. The fruit has a slight hardcore that protects it from going bad. But if the fruit meets negative conditions, it may go bad earlier. Make sure that you have kept the fruit in a cool and dry spot.

Moisture and humidity make the fresh fruits go bad immediately. The fruits catch mold and turn watery and rotten. To store the fruit, you can simply use fruit baskets. Also, you can use plastic bags, but there should be proper vents in the bags because air exposure is important for the fruit.

Away from Already Bad Pieces

Ensure that there is no bad piece of lemon aspen among the bunch of fruit. A single rotten piece of fruit can make the whole bunch go bad. So, check out the whole bunch before storing it and discard the bad pieces immediately.

In the Refrigerator

To make lemon aspen extra-long, you can keep it in the refrigerator. The refrigerator makes the fruit retain freshness for longer. Lemon aspen will not go bad until or unless it is treated with negligence.

You can store the fruit in fruit baskets or the refrigerator bin. Remember, do not wash the fruit if you are storing it for a long time. Wash it just before using the fruit. For a safe side, keep the fruit away from strong-flavored dishes.

Can you Freeze Lemon Aspen?

Freezing lemon aspen is completely fine. You can freeze it for a long period. As lemon aspen is a short-seasoned fruit, so whenever you crave it, you can eat the frozen lemon aspen. The refrigerated fruit does not last that long as frozen fruit. So, freezing is recommended to increase the shelf life of the fruit.

Never freeze the whole fruit, i.e., lemon aspen. This is because thawing the fruit and peeling its skin off is quite a difficult thing to do. So, follow the proper way to freeze it described below. Peel the skin off from all the pieces of lemon aspen that you want to freeze. Make a puree of the fruit. Either mash it or blend it in the juicer. Then you can either freeze the puree in ice cube trays or whole containers.

How long does Lemon Aspen Last?

The shelf life of lemon aspen is average. Most likely, you will eat all before it goes bad. If you have stored the fruit properly, you will get the maximum from it. The only thing that makes the fresh fruits bad is negligence in storing them.

The shelf life of simple, fresh lemon aspen kept at room temperature is 1 to 2 days. If they meet moisture or severe heat like that of your kitchen stove, then the fruit may go bad even before. We won’t recommend you keep the fruit in the pantry if you live in a hot environment.

Refrigerated lemon aspen stays good for 2 to 3 weeks. in contrast. Frozen lemon aspen puree lasts the longest. You can enjoy the same taste and aroma of lemon aspen in your dishes for 1 to 2 years.

How to tell if Lemon Aspen is Bad?

The signs and symptoms of bad lemon aspen are quite visible. If you see the following signs, then lemon aspen has turned bad.

  • If the lemon aspen is mushy and its texture has become soft and watery, discard such pieces.
  • Also, when lemon aspen is bad, it gives a very bad and gross smell. You should not consume such pieces of fruit.
  • Another sign of bad lemon aspen is the growth of mold on it. Toss such pieces out too.
  • You should not eat bruised and discolored lemon aspen too.