Does Lavender Go Bad

Does Lavender Go Bad?

You all must be familiar with the captivating lavender scents and perfumes available around the world. When you hear the word Lavender, you may think of a beautiful shade of purple. But there is much more about this herb that you all need to know.

Lavender is a beautiful flowering plant that is known for its enchanting fragrance. Lavender is available in various forms, the most common of which are lavender tea and lavender oil used for cooking purposes. It is also famous for its medicinal uses. Does Lavender go bad? How to tell if Lavender has gone bad? If any such questions come to your mind, you have come to the right place.

How to store Lavender?

Like all other herbs, Lavender is often dried before usage. It can also be stored when brought fresh. The fresh variety comparatively lasts for a longer time period.  There are various ways to store Lavender. Every method has its advantages and disadvantages.

You should always take care of the appropriate temperature and moisture conditions for the storage of the herb. Any variation in the optimum conditions can spoil the herb. Some of the storage methods are listed below.

Keep it away from sunlight

Exposure to sunlight destroys the beautiful color of Lavender and causes it to dry. It is always recommended to store it away from direct sunlight.

Away from moisture

Moisture favors the growth of molds in the Lavender. It also damages the lavender leaves, which is not a good sign. It should therefore be stored away from moisture in a safe place.

Store in the pantry

As told before, sunlight and heat are not good for the herb. The best way to store it is to place it in a cool, damp place in your kitchen. Your kitchen cabinet or pantry can be a good choice in this case.

Store in an air-tight container

The perfect way to store Lavender is to keep it in air-tight containers or jars. Lavender stored in transparent jars looks very beautiful and also stays fresh for a long. As long as it stays fresh, it keeps your rooms fragrant and attractive. If stored well, Lavender can stay fresh for years in an air-tight container.

Can you freeze Lavender?

Yes, why not. Freezing is the go-to method for preserving food items brought in bulk. The shelf life of Lavender can increase to a great deal if frozen in the correct way. Lavender can be stored in the freezer by a series of steps.

  • Cut the tips of the lavender leaves with a scissor or knife.
  • After trimming the leaves, spread the leaves on a baking sheet or a freezer tray.
  • Spread the leaves carefully to avoid them from sticking together.
  • Cover the sheet of leaves with plastic wrap.
  • Freeze the herbs in this way for two to three hours.
  • Transfer the leaves from the sheet to the freezer bags or an air-tight container.
  • Label the bag with the date and amount for your ease.

Frozen Lavender can be readily used as a garnish for salads and desserts. It can maintain its freshness and quality for years if frozen correctly.

How long does Lavender last?

The shelf life of Lavender depends upon its methods of storage. Lavender maintains a long shelf life if stored in the right manner. Commercially available forms have a best before date, which should be taken into consideration. However, it stays fresh beyond the best before date as well.

Well stored, dried Lavender stays fresh for about two to three years. To increase the shelf life of dried Lavender brought in bulk, storing it in sealed containers is better. Frozen Lavender can last for another season which is great news for the consumers. So, next time you brought lavenders in bulk, you do not need to worry about their storage. They can last for years without giving you any trouble.

How to tell if Lavender has gone bad?

Although Lavender has a long shelf life, it tends to go bad. It loses its fragrance and delicious flavor and is no longer fit for consumption. Take a small amount of Lavender in your hand and check for its spoilage. Following indications can help you confirm if it has gone bad.

  • Firstly, check the smell. If your Lavender has gone bad, it will lose its usual flowery scent.
  • Molds may grow into the herb leading to its spoilage.
  • If your Lavender has gone bad, it will lose its minty flavor and not taste good at all,

Lavender is an amazing herb with countless benefits. It is not only a delicious addition to various dishes but also serves medicinal purposes.  You can store the herb according to your requirement. If you store it carefully, you can enjoy its benefits for a long.