Does Lapsi Go Bad

Does Lapsi Go Bad?

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Lapsi is an Indian dessert made of crushed wheat, ghee, sugar, and various nuts. It has a rich brown color which makes it appealing to the eyes. No one can resist it because of its sweet aroma. Lapsi is traditionally made for different festivities. Lapsi is a winter delicacy because of its nutritional value. Lapsi boosts up the immune system and provides significant energy to the body.

Lapsi offers a good shelf life, unlike other Indian sweets like Gulab Jamun, barfi, etc. Lapsi can be stored for a longer time. It contains less water content which makes it stay fresh for long. So, it does not go bad soon. If you are a true lapsi lover, you will never want your lapsi to be stale. This article is for all the lapsi lovers who are worried about the storage life of lapsi.

How to store Lapsi?

Lapsi is not an ordinary Indian sweet. It is made on special occasions and usually prepared in large quantities. As it is not prepared regularly, lapsi lovers tend to store it for a longer time. Lapsi is cooked by roasting the wheat pieces in ghee. The sugary water is added, which is reduced to a sticky consistency.

The less moisture content gives it long shelf life. Water in food items provides an optimum medium for bacterial growth. There are multiple storage options for lapsi to increase its storage life. The prolonged shelf life will help you satisfy your anytime cravings.

Keep it away from sunlight

Lapsi should never be left unattended under sunlight. Sunlight provides enough warmth for bacterial and mold growth. If kept so, spots of mold and bacteria will appear on it within two or three days. Also, the texture of your lapsi will change slightly. It will become more rubber-like. You need to ensure that it is kept in the dark and cold place. It will provide longevity to your lapsi.

Choosing the appropriate container for your lapsi

It is essential to select a suitable container for storing your food. Always go for the airtight containers when you have to keep your food for a longer time. These containers protect your food from environmental contamination. The microbes do not attack it. Environmental fluctuations like moisture and humidity do not affect the food’s quality.

Try avoiding metal containers when it comes to storing the lapsi. Lapsi may contain certain acids that could erode the metal. In return, it could contaminate the lapsi. You can go for plastic or glass Tupperware. They are perfect for storage purposes.

Keep it in the refrigerator

When it comes to storing the food for a longer time, a refrigerator is the most suitable option. A refrigerator gives constant and stable temperature conditions to the food. It provides a stable and long life to the stored food. The refrigerator also protects from environmental fluctuations. The decreased temperature helps in preventing mold and bacterial growth. Thus, the storage life is increased.

Can you freeze your lapsi?

No science stops you from freezing your lapsi. Freezing the lapsi is the ultimate way to acquire a prolonged shelf life. Whenever you feel like storing your lapsi for up to months, you can keep it in the freezer. You can make small portions out of it and freeze it. You can opt for airtight containers and ziplock bags for this purpose.

It will prevent your lapsi from freeze burn. The nutritional value of lapsi is not lost in the freezer. You can thaw a desired portion of lapsi when you have to eat it. You can heat it up either in a pan or in a microwave oven.

How long does lapsi last?

The lapsi offers a long shelf life as compared to other food items. Its freshness can be preserved for a week. The storage life depends upon the storage conditions it is provided. If you keep it in a wet container, it will only last a few days.

Keeping it under sunlight will also shorten up its shelf life. You should use a dry and clean spoon for scooping out your stored lapsi. A dirty spoon will impart impurities to it, which can onset its rancidity.

The refrigerated lapsi will last for about two to three weeks. If you live in a cold place, your lapsi will not spoil for about two weeks if placed on a shelf. The frozen lapsi offers the most extended storage life. You can store it without fearing its spoilage for a year.

How to tell if lapsi is bad?

Lapsi is quite a delicious snack, and there are likely chances of it getting finished before going bad. You also need to know the signs it depicts when it goes bad. So, you do not eat rancid lapsi as it could cause serious health problems. The listed points will guide you in identifying bad lapsi.

  • Lapsi will turn slimy upon spoiling.
  • You will notice a stinky smell coming off.
  • There will be spots of molds on your lapsi.