Does Land Cress Go Bad

Does Land Cress Go Bad?

Land cress is inhabitant to south-western Europe. It is also known as bank cress, dry-land cress etc. It contains a lot of health benefits. It encompasses multiple vitamins in a large amount. Compared to broccoli, it has double vitamin A. And has three times more vitamin C than that of oranges. Calcium, iron and vitamins like B and E are also present.

You can use land cress in your soups, salads and sandwiches etc. Yes, like all other vegetables, it also tends to expire. It does go bad, and the only way to prolong its shelf-life is the proper storage method.

How to store land cress?

There are so many practices adopted to store the land cress. Experts have prescribed multiple methods. These methods help in keeping the vegetable fresh for a long. How you store your vegetable says it all. Keep in mind that you have to use good quality land cress. Otherwise, no matter what method you use, your vegetable will spoil quickly. Following are those methods.

Keep it away from sunlight

It is highly advised to not store them at the place where they are exposed to sunlight. Heat sources also have a bad effect on the freshness of the land cress. The reason is sunlight, or the sources of heat, will absorb all the moisture from land cress. Leaving it nasty and it will taste awful afterwards. It will ruin your dish if added.

Do not wash before storing

It is suggested that washing the land cress is not suitable. It is not because you cannot do so you can, but it is prohibited. The reason is that land cress or any greens tend to go bad very fast. And washing them before storing adds to them. Because after you wash them, they do not completely dry out. And by storing wetland cress somehow makes it bad faster.

Use plastic bag to store

Keep your unwashed land cress in a plastic bag. It helps retain the quality of vegetables for longer. After you store them in the plastic bag, they are safe from ethylene produced by other veggies and fruits. If you store washed land cress, the leftover water will make it slimy. And in a plastic bag, it will be completely ruined if store that way.

Keep in refrigerator

After you keep the land cress in a plastic bag, do not store it at room temperature. It will last only a day probably. Keep the plastic bag in the refrigerator. It will stay fresh for quite along. Do not place it at the corner of the refrigerator. Try to keep the bag near the door area. That way, it will not get ruin easily.

Can you freeze the land cress?

Suppose you want to consume the season’s land cress, then yes, you can freeze it. But it is always recommended to use fresh vegetables. But the frozen land cress will last a lot longer. And you can easily consume it without it getting spoiled. But there are different ways to freeze. The typical ways will not work. After the thawing process, the land cress will be slimy.

Make a puree out of land cress mixed with water. Pour them into an ice tray. Keep the tray in the freezer until they freeze. Take out the tray and place the frozen cubes in zip-lock bad. Place the zip-lock bag in the freezer again. Enjoy it adding to your smoothies.

How long does land cress last?

It isn’t easy to know exactly how long will it last. Doesn’t matter how you store them or where you store them. If you bought fresh land cress from the farmers market, it would last probably a week or more. But if you bought them from the supermarket, it comes with the date on the label. But you can use the land cress 4 to 5 days after the expiry.

Suppose you store them in the refrigerator the way it has been suggested. It will last up to 2 to 3 weeks. But keep in mind to consume it within two weeks. Afterwards, it might get a little slimy. And if you freeze them, then you can use them within six months. But it cannot be used in every dish. The reason is after thawing; it will be squashy. And you cannot add that to your salads.

How to tell if land cress is bad?

There are several signs through which you can know that land cress is bad. Even the good quality land cress can also go bad after some time. It does not necessarily have to be old. If you do not store them properly, they will have the propensity to go bad faster. Spoiled vegetables can have severe health risks. There are few indicators mentioned down below. It would be best if you are attentive to that.

  • The leaves of the land cress will turn from green to yellow. That indicates the vegetable is not fresh and do not consume.
  • If there is mould formation on the surface of the land cress, it has gone bad. Please do not eat it. The vegetable can be mushy as well.
  • The extreme bad land cress may have a pungent smell. And you can sense it quite easily.
  • Lastly, if the taste is unpleasant, discard the land cress.