Does Kuka Go Bad

Does Kuka Fruit Go Bad?

Kuka fruit is also known as Baobab fruit, and it is found in the regions of Madagascar, Australia, and Africa. Baobab fruits are large in size and great in taste. According to scientific research, baobab grows on trees, and the life of the Baobab tree is approximately 3000 years.

Kuka fruit can be eaten fresh, but normally people consume it in powder form. These fruits are very rare to grow, and the physical appearance of Kuka fruit is similar to green coconut. The outer layer of Kuka fruit is hard, and from inside, it has hard pods which are brown.

How To Store Kuka

Kuka fruit is eaten fresh and also used as powder. It has the mixed taste of lemon and sweet. Kuka fruit contains rich nutritional values, and there are certain patterns through which you can store your Kuka fruit.

Refrigerate it

Kuka fruit is large, and it carries a weight of approximately 1000 grams. You can preserve it by keeping it raw or by cutting it into two pieces. In both cases, you need one tray which can carry the weight of it. Keep the fruit in a tray, cover it with a paper or thin cotton cloth, and put it in a refrigerator.

You can also store powdered forms of Kuka fruit in the refrigerator. The only thing required to take care of is that powder should be kept away from water so it will remain safe. Keep the powder in a jar or plastic bag and seal it. You can preserve your powder in the refrigerator.

In your Pantry

Raw Kuka fruit can stay outside as they don’t get spoiled too early. It is kind of a fruit that does not get soft to keep in your pantry. You can use a bowl to keep your fruit. Wash the fruit and cover it with a thin cotton cloth. You can store it for a longer time.

On the contrary, you cannot store the powder in your pantry unless packed in a steel jar. If you keep it open, the moisture will affect, and patches will be formed in the powder, which will ruin the powder.

In Sunlight

Kuka fruit can stay fresh even in sunlight. However, too much heat will start affecting the fruit, but normal heat or sunlight will not keep the fruit fresh due to its hard surface.

Can You Freeze Kuka Fruit

Due to the stiffness and weight of fruit, you cannot freeze it. Even though you are cutting your fruit into pieces, you will still not be able to freeze it. It is very healthy and refreshing when you are consuming it after keeping it in a refrigerator.

On the other hand, you can freeze the powdered form of Kuka fruit, but there is a disadvantage of freezing it. Powder usually comes in company packing that is in a steel container. They already have a long shelf life, so there is no actual need to freeze it as its taste also changes.

How Long Does Kuka Fruit Last

The expiry of Kuka fruit is truly based on the way you are considering preserving it. The uncut fresh fruit can last for three months. The fruit after cutting can last for up to a month if you store it in a refrigerator. Suppose you are preserving your fruit in your pantry. It can last up to 12 days maximum.

Kuka powder is frequently used in many recipes such as smoothies, pie, oats, etc. The expiry of Kuka powder is up to 2 years. But it is required that powder be kept properly; after using it, it should be sealed tightly again. It should be kept away from water and air for better use.

If you are keeping fresh fruit in sunlight, it can stay fresh for almost a week or maybe two, but one condition applies, and that is it requires water spray once a day.

How To Tell If Kuka Fruit Is Bad

Kuka fruit is a source of many nutritional values, and despite so many qualities and long shelf life, certain elements will help you know that your fruit is going bad.

  • Appearance: They are green in color, and it contains pods and seeds inside. After cutting the fruit, you can see the color changing of seeds from brown to black, and also change in textures will be prominent on the fruit, which will tell you that your fruit is expired.
  • Worms: Sometimes, from the outside, the fruit looks fresh and healthy, but after cutting, you can notice that some little worms or insects are stuck with the seeds. You cannot eat fruit by washing it, and it should be discarded.
  • Bad Health:Expired Kuka fruit will cause pain in your stomach, and you can experience food poisoning or diarrhea. The fruit will be fresh, but it will badly affect your health.