Does Komatsuna Go Bad

Does Komatsuna Go Bad?

Komatsuna is also known as Japanese mustard spinach. It is lush green in color. However, it is not spinach but belongs to the brassica family. Both its leaves and stems are eaten in raw and cooked form. Its taste is sweet, and it likes the combination of mustard and spinach.

Komatsuna is well known for its nutritional properties. It is full of calcium and vitamin C. Due to sulforaphane’s presence; it helps our body fight against cancer. It can survive in almost all-weather conditions, but extremely harsh weather, including hot and cold, can affect this plant very much, making it worse.

How to Store Komatsuna

Komatsuna is a healthy vegetable that acts as a cancer antibody in our body system and increases our immune system. If you want to grow or store it in your home, you might be wondering how you can store it properly to last longer.

To keep it in your kitchen or storage area, we will tell you few methods that will help you understand its storage properties better.

Wrap It

You can use it at once after you buy it from the store. If you do not want to use it immediately, you should wrap it by using newspaper. Wrapping in the paper will prevent it from drying.

Refrigerate It

You may want to store it for more than a day. Refrigerating it is the best option to make your Komatsuna last longer than usual. Put your Komatsuna in the plastic bag or sealed container and put it in the vegetable compartment of your fridge.

Keep it in Freezer

Freezing can make anything last for a long period. You can opt for freezing your Komatsuna if you want to keep it for a very long time. Because the shelf life of this vegetable is not very long, so it needs to be frozen, which can hold its freshness for up to two weeks.

Prevent from Drying

The most important factor to know is to keep your Komatsuna hydrated. Do not let it dry out. Otherwise, it will spoil immediately. If your Komatsuna is wrapped in newspaper and kept in the fridge, you should moisten the newspaper to prevent it from drying out.

Can You Freeze Komatsuna

Komatsuna is an aromatic veggie with lots of benefits. You may want to store it for more than a couple of days. Whether you want to consume it after a couple of days or later in the week, you can freeze it. If you have bought a large amount of Komatsuna, and now you can not utilize it within a day or two, then it can be stored in your Freezer.

Before freezing it, you have to boil this veggie in water for a couple of minutes and then soak it. Wrap it in the newspaper or put it in the airtight storage bag. Finally, put it in Freezer. Doing so will retain its taste for about two weeks.

How Long Does Komatsuna Last

It is so underrated vegetable but has lots of benefits. This vegetable is stable in every environment, but extreme weather conditions can affect this plant to some extent. As you know, every plant has its shelf life and expiry date as well, so does Komatsuna.

If it is kept at room temperature and not exposed to direct sunlight, it can survive for about two days. But you should keep the veggies moistened because dryness can spoil your Komatsuna very fast.

You can keep it in a cold area to make it last longer than at room temperature, or you can put it in the fridge. Refrigeration is the process that can make it survive for almost five days to a week. But make sure the veggies are kept in an airtight bag or sealed container, which can hold its moisture.

If you want to keep it for a longer period, the best store is to freeze it. Frozen Komatsuna can retain its life for up to 14 to1 five days.

How To Tell If Komatsuna Is Bad

You may be growing it in your backyard or maybe just bought it from the grocery store to consume it. It can go bad under certain circumstances. We will discuss few methods, which can tell you if your Komatsuna has gone bad or still in a healthy form.

  • Texture: By looking at your Japanese spinach, if you notice the texture is deteriorating, or the stems and leaves have become wilt, discard it, as it is spoiled now.
  • Taste: The taste of the spoiled Komatsuna will become bitter. Do not consume such spinach as it can negatively affect your stomach, rather giving you health benefits.
  • Smell: The spoiled Komatsuna has a strong smell, which indicated that now your spinach cannot use further.
  • Color: The color of bad veggie gets darker; throw that kind of Komatsuna.