Does Kiwi Go Bad?

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Kiwi is called Chinese gooseberry fruit that is sweet and very tasty. Like all other fruits, it can also go bad. Kiwi is mostly used in drinks and deserts and it is an occasionally bought fruit.

Kiwi, like all other fruits takes time to ripen. So, if kiwi has not ripened yet, there are very less chances for it to go bad. Ripened kiwi is as probable to go bad as all other fruits. So, if kiwi is not stored properly or ripens too much, it may go bad soon. Therefore, for using kiwi for a long time, use proper ways to store kiwi fruit.

How to Store Kiwi?

Let’s discuss the ripening of kiwi first before storing. It takes too much time to ripen. It also takes a long time to bring the kiwi fruit to market for sale. All this time span reduces the lifetime of kiwi therefore it is important to store them properly to have them last for long. Following are some measures that you can take for storing your kiwi.

Place them at room temperature

The best way to store unripen is kiwi at room temperature. Most sellers also apply this method to store their kiwi. If you place kiwi in the kitchen, make sure to keep it away from sunlight.

If you have got some unripen kiwi but you want to eat them in two- or three days, you can place it with ethylene-producing fruit, such as, apple, apricot figs, and honeydew. They will speed up their ripening process.

Use plastic bag

You can also use the plastic bags for storing the kiwi. However, make sure to keep them away from ethylene producing fruits because they can ruin your kiwi. It would help if you use the ventilated bags for storing the kiwi.

Store it in the fridge

Storing kiwi in the fridge is also a good option. Ripen kiwi will remain at room temperature for up to two or three days. However, if you want to use kiwifruit for more than two or three days, you can store them in the fridge.

For this purpose, you can put the kiwi fruit into a plastic bag that has a seal so that air does not enter into it. You can now put it in the fridge or freezer to increase its life. By freezing kiwi, you can use it for up to two to six months.

Can You Freeze Kiwi?

Kiwi can be frozen if you want to store it for a longer time. However, you need to consider how you store it in the freezer to prevent it freezer burns. For doing this, first you need to check if the fruit is properly ripened, then you have to freeze it. For freezing the kiwi, you have to peel it out, and then slice them so that it requires less surface area for storing.

Now you can either put the sliced kiwi in an air tight container or in a plastic bag for freezing it. You can also freeze them separately in a tray before storing them in a container. This is the easiest way to freeze kiwi. This is the best way for storing the kiwi as the slices do not stick to each other.

How Long Does Kiwi Last?

Kiwi storage time depends on its ripening and raw. Unripe kiwi normally ripens at room temperature. Rather than that, it will take two to three months to ripen. Same as take time for ripening in the supermarket.

Ripe kiwi fruit has a separate time than unripe for their storage. If kiwi is placed in the fridge, it will remain fresh for four weeks or more than that.  It will take several days to remain fresh at room temperature if it is stored separately.

Unripen kiwi will remain fresh for two to seven days in the pantry until ripe.  The chances of decaying kiwi fruit are greater at low temperature. Similarly, if you have to place overripe fruit in the refrigerator, it may go bad too earlier.

How to Tell If Kiwi Go Bad?

Fruits usually go bad earlier. When kiwi goes bad, it will also show different signs. Here the list of such signs that show kiwi may go bad.

  • When you noticed some change in texture, it means that kiwi is probably going bad. If it gets extra soft squaring, it’s time to waste it.
  • If kiwi gives off a bad smell, this is also a major sign that kiwi fruit has gone bad. When acidic smell comes from kiwi rather than the fruity citrus smell, you have to throw it away and avoid eating it.
  • Last but not least, if there is any dark spot on the outer shell of kiwi, it may might be a sign of it going bad. You need to check for the signs when you peel it and notice something dark inside their pulp. In that case, it’s time to say goodbye to kiwi fruit.