Do Key Limes Go Bad

Does Key Lime Go Bad?

Key lime is about 1 – 2 inches in diameter and has a yellow color. Key limes are smaller than the Persian lime and have a higher acidic content. They taste sour and are commonly grown in Southeast Asian countries. It has many uses in multiple recipes and is used for different medications, i.e., Inflammation, blood sugar, and cancer.

Key lime is harvested in summers and needs plenty of sunlight and water to grow. However, the tree is sensitive to cold and needs proper temperature to be maintained. The fruit is harvested when it is still green and turns yellow when fully ripped.

How To Store Key Lime

Key limes have longer shelf lives and are commonly found in your nearest market, making them easy to purchase anytime and are used fresh. However, if you plan to purchase it in large quantities, you need to store it properly. Here are some techniques to store your key lime.

Room Temperature

At room temperature, you can place your lime in any dark, cold corner of the room. Usually, the lime is kept in the kitchen so make sure that you place the basket away from the heat. At home, you can either place the limes in a net bag, or you can place them in the bucket. The idea is to let the air flow between the fruit.


People mostly prefer to refrigerate the fruit as it increases the life of the fruit. There is no special practice to follow while storing the fruit in the refrigerator. However, avoid storing the sliced lime, which will eventually get spoiled early. One can also store the lime juice in the refrigerator, which can later be used for juice preparation or seasoning dishes.

Root Cellar

You can also store your fruit in your root cellars. You can place your lemons in a bucket of a net bag and place it in your cellar. The cool, dry, and dark environment of the cellar will make the fruit last longer than placing it open at room temperature.


If you plan to use the fruit after a longer period, then it is suggested that you freeze it. Freezing lime is very simple; you just have to slice the fruit in small wedges and then place them on a tray. Once frozen, you can put them in a plastic bag and again place them in the refrigerator.

Can You Freeze Key Lime

Key limes are usually consumed fresh; however, if you have bought them in larger quantities and plan to use them in a couple of months, we will suggest that you freeze your fruit. Storing key limes are not so hard. You can store it by cutting it into slices and freezing them by placing them in a freezing bag.

Some people also prefer to freeze lime juice. You can store the juice in an airtight container. Once the juice is thawed, you shouldn’t freeze it again or affect the taste of the lime juice. This is why freezing sliced lime is more preferred.

How Long Does Key Lime Last

The life of key lime depends on the conditions it is being stored in. In most preferred conditions, a key lime can have a longer shelf life. At room temperature, usually, the lime stays fresh for use for about two weeks. However, in cold regions, the fruit can last longer for about four weeks approximately.

In the refrigerator and root cellars, the key lime can last for about a month on average. However, if the fruit is sliced, life expectancy can decrease for about a week only. Storing the fruit juice is also a method used, which makes it last for about two weeks.

Freezing the limes can make them last for a couple of months. You can expect the frozen key limes to end in 4 – 6 months. If you freeze the juice of the fruit, then it will last approximately for about four months only.

How To Tell If Key Lime Is Bad

Even after following proper storage, the fruit can go bad. You can easily spot a bad key lime by looking for any visual signs or by tasting it.

  • Appearance: Limes have smooth, hard skin, so there won’t be any wrinkles visible on a spoiled lime. However, you can judge it by seeing the dark color of the rotting of the fruit.
  • Touch: A good lime will be hard on touching. On the contrary, a spoiled lime will have gone soft when touched. You should waste such limes.
  • Taste: A good lime does have a sour taste. However, you can taste the bitterness in the fruit. Harvesting yellow limes will also have a bitter taste sensation.
  • Smell: If a long time has passed, then eventually, the lime will start to rot at room temperature specifically. The limes will have a strong foul smell of rotting.