Does Keppel Fruit Go Bad

Does Kepel Fruit Go Bad?

Kepel fruit is a yellowish-brown fruit with creamy orange flesh inside. Kepel fruit is also referred to as Kepel apple and is round in shape with 4 – 6 seeds. Kepel fruit is sweet in flavor and tastes somewhat similar to papaya or mango.

Kepel fruit is grown in the tropical regions of southeast Asia. The fruit is ready to be harvested in about six months. A single Kepel tree can produce up to 1400 fruit each harvest. The fruit is ready to be harvested from September to October. Here are some storage tips you can use to make your fruit last longer.

How To Store Kepel Fruit

Kepel fruit can be used in desserts or to cure inflammation. Either way, the Kepel fruit has to be stored properly. Depending on your use, you can choose a different storage method from below to make it last longer.

Room Temperature

At room temperature, the Kepel fruit shelf life depends on the region it is being used in. At room temperature, you can store your fruit by simply placing it in a bucket. You only need to wash the fruit when you have to use one. Do not use an airtight container to store your Kepel fruit.

Make sure to select a cool dark corner of the room when placing your Kepel fruit. Some people also store immature Kepel fruit so that it may last longer. Immature fruit will take time to get fully ripped at room temperature hence increasing the fruit’s life.


Refrigeration is the most convenient method to store the Kepel fruit. All you have to do is place the fruit in the vegetable section in your refrigerator. Make sure to place it in an open bucket so the air can be flown in between fruit to avoid any natural moisture buildup, which can cause mold growth.

Just like any other fruit, avoid washing Kepel fruit. Kepel fruit is sensitive to moisture and will absorb it, which will speed up rotting. For Kepel fruit, one may not need to wash it as the fruit’s peel is not eaten.


Freezing the Kepel fruit is usually practiced at a commercial scale. Freezing the fruit increases its life span drastically. You can freeze your fruit by simply placing it in the freezer, or you can even take your peel out and store the fruit, which can be used as a dessert.

Can You Freeze Kepel Fruit

Kepel fruit can be frozen. It is not commonly done at a domestic level; however, on a commercial level in restaurants, one can freeze the fruit to increase the life span for a couple of months. Frozen creamy Kepel fruit meat is liked to be enjoyed as a frozen dessert.

One can place the fruit in the freezer and wait for 2 – 3 hours. You can make use of freezing bags. Washing the fruit will make it absorb moisture, and over time it will cause a change in the taste of the fruit, which is not preferred. Kepel fruit can easily be thawed at room temperature.

How Long Does Kepel Fruit Last

Kepel fruit has a moderate shelf life, and if stored properly, it can last longer for a couple of months. In colder regions, the fruit can survive for about a month at room temperature, but the fruit can last for about a week only in hotter regions.

Kepel fruit stored in the refrigerator can slightly increase its storage life for about three weeks for up to a month if stored correctly. Sliced Kepel fruit can last for about ten days in the refrigerator, and if the fruit is contained in an airtight bag or container, it may catch mold in only a week.

Freezing the fruit can make it last for about 6 – 8 months. Jam or paste of the frozen fruit can last for 4 – 6 months, and it is more preferred as it can be used as ice cream or be used in desserts, smoothies, and jam making.

How To Tell If Kepel Fruit Is Bad

Like any other fruit, you can see obvious signs that can help you separate good fruit from bad ones as Kepel is a tropical fruit, so carelessness can make the fruit go rouge quickly. Here are some common signs to look for are as follows:

  • Appearance: A bad Kepel fruit will have dark spots on its brown skin and will have to be soft in those areas when touched. When the fruit is cut into half, some areas will have a more dark and liquid-like texture.
  • Smell: Kepel is an aromatic fruit. The smell of the Kepel fruit will be bad, and one can easily judge bad fruit by smell. One will have a strong and foul smell of the rotting fruit.
  • Taste: A bad Kepel fruit will have a very strong sweet taste when eaten. You can easily distinguish the foul taste of a Kepel fruit from a good one.