Does Karkalla Go Bad

Does Karkalla Go Bad?

Karkalla is a sea plant and goes by many names like beach banana and pig face. It is considered to be a wild vegetable and is cultivated in Australia. They are green in color, and they are not poisonous.

They have a mixed taste of salt and sugar, and many people resemble its taste with salty strawberries. Karkalla is very beneficial for health as you can consume it raw and cooked both. You can use Karalla for skin treatment. You can make medicines through it which will help you to improve your digestion system. It is also very impactful for a bad throat.

How To Store Karkalla

Karkalla is very famous in Australia and South Africa. It has a similar appearance to bananas, and it is also called beach bananas. You can consume it in various ways. You can use both karkalla and their leaves.

It can be eaten raw, and you can cook it as well. You can use their leaves as the side dish and also you can make Juice from it. However, different varieties of karkalla are stored differently.


Refrigeration is the preferable method in terms of storing karkalla. The skin of karkalla is not edible though you can store them as it after harvesting. You have to wash the beach bananas and dry them.

Take one plastic bag and keep all the karkalla in it and seal it tightly. The only requirement is that it should be air tighten. Keep them in a refrigerator, and it will help you store your karkalla for a longer period.

In your Pantry

Karkalla is cultivated and harvested in the beach areas and due to which it cannot absorb too much heat. You can store your wild plant in your pantry, but for that, you have to place them somewhere in a cool area.

You can start storing your karkalla by washing them. Separate the leaves and keep the plants in an air-tight jar. Seal it and place it in a somewhere cooler area. Your karkalla will last for almost a week.

Storing Karkalla Leaves

Karkalla leaves are used as salads as it contains fiber and other nutritional elements. Leaves are sensitive, so the appropriate way to store them is in a refrigerator. You have to wash the leaves and dry them.

Chop it into pieces and keep it in a plastic bag. Keep it air-tight, so the leaves will stay fresh and can be used further.

Can You Freeze Karkalla

The appropriate way to increase the shelf life of karkalla is to keep them in a refrigerator or freeze them. You can freeze your karkalla in two ways. The first way is to store it raw, for which you can use an air-tight container or a plastic bag.

Freeze them by sealing them, and they can be used for a longer period. On the other hand, you can also freeze your plant by peeling its skin off. Put karkalla in a plastic box or container and freeze it. It will take up to 5 to 6 hours to freeze.

How Long Does Karkalla Last

Karkalla is usually stored and consumed in various categories such as plant, leaves, etc., and the shelf life of karkalla depends on the way you are storing it. You can increase the life of your vegetable for about a week by storing it in the refrigerator.

A frozen unpeeled karkalla will last for almost ten days, and after that, they will start turning yellow. If you are freezing karkalla by peeling the skin, your karkalla can last for more than one month. If you add two teaspoons of sugar while freezing your plant, it can be consumed for approximately two months.

Frozen leaves of karkalla can last for 15 days but keeping fresh leaves in the refrigerator. The shelf life will be decreased to 3 to 4 days. Fresh Juice of karkalla doesn’t have a long shelf life as it can be expired in a single day.

How To Tell If Karkalla Is Bad

Karkalla is the most popular edible item in Australia and South Africa. Though it is consumed in different ways, the shelf life is not too long. Most people prefer to use it fresh. There are certain ways through which you will be able to know that your Karkalla is expired.

  • Appearance: Karkalla is a dark green plant. The color of karkalla will start changing into yellow, and as time passes, it will become even softer, which will notify you that you cannot use your karkalla for a long period.
  • Pests: Karkalla is a wild sea plant, and normally, pest attacks its leaves. You will be able to see that worms and insects have started creating holes in the leaves, and also, when you peel the skin, there will be spots or textures.
  • Smell: When these wild plants go bad, they will start stinking, and you can see the water dripping. In that case, you have to discard them immediately.