Does Kandis Fruit Go Bad

Does Kandis Fruit Go Bad?

Kandis fruit is a lemon-shaped fruit consist of two colors, i.e., red and yellow. Kandis fruit is the specialty of Singapore. They are sour, which is quite similar to dried apples. Kandis fruit grows on trees. The outer layer of Kandis fruit is hard, and it can be eaten with skin or without skin.

Kandis fruit contains many nutritional values, such as it helps you control your blood pressure and stabilize your heartbeat. It is a tropical fruit which means you can make fresh juice and pulpy juice from it. Kandis fruit grows in summer, and quality depends on its hardness.

How To Store Kandis Fruit

Though Kandis is a very rich nutritional fruit, you can eat it raw, and also you can make juice or another recipe from it like pie, etc. It is a round-shaped fruit that provides you unique taste. Every fruit has its method through which you can preferably store it.


You can store your Kandis fruit in both ways, i.e., raw and cooked. In both ways, the most appropriate way is to store them in a refrigerator. Kandis is dried fruit, and it remains fresh when it is being kept in a refrigerator.

You have to wash the fruit first and then keep your fruit in an air-tight container and keep them in a refrigerator; the temperature should be up to 10C. You can add one teaspoon of sugar or salt to a container that will help you to preserve your fruit in a better way.

In Your Pantry

Kandis fruit has a quality that it does not get spoiled too early. You can also store your fruit in your food storage room, but one condition applies, and that is you have to keep your fruit in a cooler place. Put the fruit in a jar and seal it so no air can pass.

You can place it under a fan or any other place which has a normal room temperature. For preserving Kandis fruit in your pantry, you can use one trick, and that is you can use water spray once daily.


Freezing is another option through which you can store your fruit. However, you cannot freeze raw fruit, but you can freeze it by cutting it into pieces. Frozen Kandis fruits can be stored for a long time which will eventually increase their shelf life.

Can You Freeze Kandis Fruit

The answer to the most frequent question is yes; you can freeze your Kandis fruit. The most suitable and appropriate method is to freeze Kandis fruit. The quality of frozen Kandis remains the same as when they are fresh. Freezing Kandis does not affect its nutritional values.

You can use frozen Kandis to make juice or make any other dessert, e.g., pie, smoothie, etc. There can be a slight change in taste, but you can also eat the slices of frozen fruit. Kandis fruit should be frozen in a container so you can specify the required quantity, and the other will remain preserve.

How Long Does Kandis Fruit Last

The expiry of Kandis Fruit is based on the pattern of storage. It is a tropical fruit, and many companies are making juice from it. The other ingredients increase its shelf life. Juice of Kandis fruit can last for a month, and the company packing of slices can last for six months.

On the other hand, if you are storing your fresh fruit in a refrigerator, it can be useful for almost 20 to 30 days. The storage of your fruit in the pantry can last for a week, or if the weather is cold, it can last for up to 15 days. The extracted pulp can be used for 3 to 4 days.

Kandis fruits have a long shelf life, and if the outer layer stays hard, it can be used even after getting expired. Kandis fruit should be kept away from the air, but water spray can add a timeline in its expiry date.

How To Tell If Kandis Fruit Is Bad

Kandis fruit is quite famous in Singapore because of its unique taste and its tropical juice. They are small oval-shaped fruit that can be eaten raw or cooked. Although it has quite a long shelf life, there are many factors through which you will know that your fruit is going bad.

  • Appearance: The outer layer of Kandis fruit is very hard, but when they are about to expire, their skin will become spongy, and the yellow color will turn black. You will be able to see mold and texture on the skin.
  • Birds: Kandis fruit are grown in trees, and normally, birds and other animals bite the fruit, due to which it looks like they are half-eaten.
  • Bad Taste: Kandis fruit is sour, but when they are spoiled, you will feel the bitterness in the taste, and you can easily identify that they are expired.