Does Kakadu Lime Go Bad

Does Kakadu Lime Go Bad?

Kakadu limes, known as citrus gracilis or Humpty doo lime, is a shrub native to Australia’s Savannah woodland. The fruit is somewhat similar to the species citrus winters but with comparatively larger green fruits in size.

Since these are Australian limes, these may be used as a food source either or in various modern Australian cuisines in sweet and savory processed products. The fruit is pretty much useful in the preparation of marmalades and sauces. Being an important ingredient of modern Australian cuisines, it tends to go bad. It may go bad as a result of your incapability to provide it perfect storage conditions.

How To Store Kakadu Lime

As we just mentioned in the previous heading of the article, the Kakadu Lime might go bad due to your incapability to give it the optimum storage conditions necessary to keep it fresh. Therefore a deeper insight into its preservation methods is a must to deal with.

Kakadu Lime may be eaten as raw, besides Australian cuisines, as it is not very much sour like any other lime. So when you have got to know various uses of this green Humpty doo fruit, let’s get onto various storage techniques essential to provide it.

If you are interested in purchasing the stock of this fruit or have just purchased it and are now wondering how to store it well, then this article is for you. So how can you store this species of lime to maximize its shelf life? Let’s get to know that below.

Keep Refrigerated

To help the limes attain their maximum shelf life, these need to be refrigerated all of the time. To preserve them in the refrigerator, put them in the drawer of your refrigerator.

Avoid Keeping Them in a Plastic Shopper

To store them well, the foremost thing that needs to be done is to first take them out from the plastic shopper or bag in which they have been bought. It’s necessary to help it obtain a moisture-free environment.

Keep In An Airtight Container

Once limes have been cut, keep them in an airtight container. This helps the limes to be free of moisture or any contaminants.

Wash Before Use

You must remember while storing them is not to wash them if you intend to use them after a while. It is because washing it will cause the leftover moisture to damage them.

Can You Freeze Kakadu Lime

Freezing is an ancient technique used for years to increase the shelf life of our meals. The freezing process increases the shelf life to a greater extent for most of the meals that you deal with, but seldom times this technique is not a good way to go.

So the question that urgently needs to be answered is, can you opt for this old technique to preserve your stock of Kakadu limes? Well, technically, freezing is not recommended for storing Kakadu limes because it causes your citrus fruits to lose their flavor and freshness, though its leaves may be preserved this way.

How Long Does Kakadu Lime Last

Despite all the knowledge that we just discussed above, the know-how of Kakadu’s shelf life is too mandatory to get an idea about what quantity of the fruit needs to be bought and used after that. It is mandatory so that your fruits and money don’t go in vain and you do not catch any particular disorder.

For how long do Kakadu limes last? That depends on the quality of the citrus fruit that has been bought and the optimum storage conditions that you can provide it.

Fresh limes last up to 2 to 4 weeks on the counter, whereas up to 1 to 2 months in the refrigerator. However, cut limes go bad readily, so, for this reason, it needs to be consumed on the same day, and for blended lime juice, it is safe to use up to 6 months of its past date.

How To Tell If Kakadu Lime Is Bad

Nearly all of the fruits you eat to keep yourself healthy may go bad for many reasons. Though you did your best to store them, there is a probability of the fruit getting spoiled or rotten.

So how to recognize the spoilage of your Kakadu limes to decide whether the fruit is fit enough to be consumed? Your senses serve well for that purpose, and below, we are just going to mention some signs of its spoilage.

  • Texture: Kakadu limes going bad to tend to develop a soft texture and get dried from inside.
  • Appearance: The citrus fruits going bad, also begin to lose their characteristic green color and build a brown color.
  • Smell: Smell is yet another affirmative sign of the Kakadu lime going bad. Replace it then.
  • Taste: The taste of the fruit also gets off in case of its deterioration. So discard it.