Does Jocote Go Bad

Does Jocote Go Bad?

Do you want to try something exciting summer? Anything that could make you feel refreshed during the trenching summer heat. The jocotes are delightful small fruits that will refresh your mind. Jocotes are related to the cashew fruit family. The crunchy texture of jocotes accompanied with the tangy taste is an utter joy. That is why it is everyone’s favorite. This small fruit also gives lots of health benefits. It is used as a medicine around the globe too.

The jocotes offer a limited shelf life of a week or two. The spoiling of any food depends on the storage conditions. You will have to provide appropriate conditions to the jocotes. It will make them stored for a long time.

How to store your jocotes?

As it is summer season, people love eating jocotes. The jocotes are a healthy and nutritious snack. People tend to buy jocotes in bulk to satisfy their anytime cravings. There is no science required in storing the jocotes.

However, you need to consider some preventive measures, so the jocotes do not spoil soon. If you are new to jocotes, this article will guide you about their shelf life and storage. They do not need much effort. The listed measures will guide you in storing your jocotes. It will also help to increase their shelf life.

Place them away from sunlight

No one likes to have wrinkled and dry jocotes. The juiciness and crunchiness are eradicated when jocotes are kept under sunlight. The texture is lost. So, you should keep your jocotes away from sunlight. The sunlight also provides heat for the growth of bacteria and molds. The sunlight also withdraws moisture from them due to their thin skin. Keeping them under sunlight also shortens their shelf life.

Keep them in the pantry

If you have enough jocotes that will be easily consumed in two to three days, you are free to store them in the pantry. A pantry is a friendly place for them. You will have to ensure that there is no moisture in the pantry. The jocotes are pretty delicate to moisture and humidity. They can spoil them quickly. A cool and dry place should be considered while storing the jocotes. Otherwise, they will go bad soon, and your jocotes will go to waste.

Refrigerating your jocotes

When it comes to storing food, a refrigerator is the best available option. The fridge provides the optimum temperature for storage. It also helps increase the shelf life. You can refrigerate them directly or can even wash them first. When refrigerating them, ensure that there is no nasty piece in them. It will make all the others go bad. If you have washed them first, dry them before placing them in the fridge. The watery fruits rot early.

Can you freeze the jocotes?

If you are a true jocote fan and yearn for it out of season, you can freeze them.  The frozen ones have not eaten raw as the texture changes slightly. They will also become a little mushy upon thawing. It would be best if you make a cool-aid or a beverage out of it.

The frozen jocotes could also be used to make jams. To freeze your jocotes, you will have to wash them first. The pits should also be removed. You can then freeze them by placing them in zip lock bags.

How long do the jocotes last?

The jocotes have a limited shelf life of around a week. The jocotes might lose their crunch after a week but will remain their juices. If you have placed the jocotes in the fridge, the freshness, crunch, and juices will stay intact for around a week.

If you have placed them in the pantry under apt conditions, they will not go bad for a week and a half. The storage conditions are very crucial for the shelf life. The frozen jocotes last the longest. You can store them for a year in the freezer. If they are thawed repeatedly, the shelf life may reduce. You can only use the frozen ones for drinks and cooking purposes.

How to tell if jocotes have gone bad?

For any fruit to go bad, some signs and symptoms are administered. Likewise, jocotes represent various signs that will help you identify that it is time that you waste them. No one should be consuming spoiled fruits as they are harmful to health. If the listed symptoms appear on the jocotes, wave them goodbye.

  • The skin of the jocotes turns black and wrinkly when they have gone bad.
  • The jocotes give off a weird stinky smell which is a sign of rancid jocotes.
  • Whenever you see mold and bacterial growth over the jocotes, do not consume them and throw them away.
  • The jocotes may also ooze out smelly fluids after they are spoiled.
  • The wormy creature may also grow onto them.