Does Jatoba Go Bad

Does Jatoba Fruit Go Bad?

Jatoba fruit is commonly known as stinking toe or locust fruit. The origin of Jatoba fruit in Jamaica. Being a Jamaican fruit, it’s not easily available in every grocery store. It is a dark brown pod, the shape of which is similar to toe. The kidney-shaped fruit present inside the pod also contains seeds.

Jatoba fruit’s shell is quite hard to crack, and when you break it, a really bad odor is released. The amazing fact is that the fruit tastes far better than how it smells. The fruit has powdery flesh with a sweet and a hint of spicy taste. Jatoba fruit has high medicinal value. This fruit has a long shelf life, and it doesn’t go bad easily like other fruit. Its quality reduces with time. If not kept properly, it can go bad.

How to store Jatoba fruit?

Jatoba fruit is not often available in stores. If you have gotten your hands on Jatoba fruit, don’t worry. This article will let you know all about Jatoba fruit. So keep reading. After buying any fruit or vegetable, the first thing that comes to mind is how to store it. Jatoba fruit has a long shelf life; still, you have to store it well. Following are some methods you can adopt to store Jatoba fruit.

In pantry

Pantry is the best place to keep your fruits. As we know, Jatoba fruit has a really hard shell, so it doesn’t spoil easily. Although, you can break open the fruit and store the powder. You can put Jatoba fruit powder pulp in your kitchen cabinet or pantry in airtight jars.

Make sure to store Jatoba fruit away from where there are excessive moisture and hot temperature. Indeed, a pantry is a good place to keep fruits like Jatoba, but this doesn’t make it work for a long period. We need to store the fruit in a suitable place to enjoy it even after a long time.

Air-sealed jars

Excessive heat or moisture never proves to be encouraging the shelf life of any fruit. Similarly, we can’t expect Jatoba fruit to oppose the fact. Like-wise the other fruits, you must keep jatoba fruit away from heat sources and much amount of moisture.

An excessive amount of moisture leads to early spoilage. You should avoid much interaction with moisture and heat. Put the powder in airtight containers and then store it in dark, dry areas.

Refrigerate it

You can also refrigerate the Jatoba fruit dried pulp in an airtight container in the refrigerator. In contrast, you can store the whole unopened Jatoba fruit itself in your fridge.

Can you freeze Jatoba fruit?

Freezing is also an option mostly adopt by us when we think about the long-term preservation of our fruit. But when it comes to dried pulp fruit, it may confuse you that whether you can store it or not. Well, yes, you can adopt a freezing method to store Jatoba fruit to keep it for a long time.

Freezing this fruit isn’t recommended due to the quality purposes. On thawing, it may include some unwanted moisture which affects the texture. You can store the powder in the freezer, too, using air-sealed freezer bags as well as the whole fruit by applying proper freezing techniques.

How long does Jatoba fruit last?

Jatoba fruit has a fairly long shelf life, but this doesn’t mean it cannot turn bad. All fruits deteriorate. Jatoba fruit tends to have a longer shelf life but demands a favorable environment to extend its shelf life. Jatoba fruit sits in your pantry for a fairly long time. You can place jatoba fruit in the pantry for a month.

Where on freezing, you can preserve Jatoba fruit from six to eight months. Providing accurate storage to your fruit is essential. If you store Jatoba fruit the way described in this article previously, you will be able to keep it healthy for a long. Jatoba fruit powder can be stored in airtight jars in the pantry for months. Keep them in cool areas and dry places to enhance their shelf life. You should keep the moisture away from your Jatoba fruit.  Apply the instructions about storing Jatoba fruit to extend its shelf life.

How to tell if Jatoba fruit is bad?

We hope you find this article helpful. Looking for symptoms to know whether Jatoba fruit is bad and still healthy to eat or not. Some signs are demonstrated in this article for your ease to see whether the fruit is bad or not.

  • Jatoba fruit, when it deteriorates, changes its texture. If you note something off about its texture, you shouldn’t eat it.
  • If it tastes off is also a sign which indicates that Jatoba fruit is bad. You must not consume such bad taste Jatoba fruit.
  • If you witness any change in the powder, then you must not eat such Jatoba fruit.