Does Jagua Go Bad

Does Jagua Go Bad?

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Jagua is a kind of Genipap which is a form of fruit. In South, America jagua is the best fruit for healing wounds and make medicines for the human body. It is a form of skin decoration. You can make tattoos with the help of jagua. It is also called huito fruit. Jagua is a good source of fiber, iron, calcium, and much more nutritional facts for humans. It also contains vitamins, Vitamin B and B2.

Jagua is only going bad when its shelf life is expired. Its shelf life is about three months. When you used jagua for medical purposes or make tattoos make sure you check the before and expiry date first. Otherwise, it will go bad for your skin and harmful to your body.

How to store jagua?

As mentioned, jagua shelf life is about three months, but if you store them properly, it will increase shelf life for the longer used. Jagua is one of the best things you used on your skin for making the tattoos called skin decoration. When you store jagua, make sure you stored them properly and follow all the procedures or methods step by step.

In cool temperature

Buy some fresh jagua and wash them properly. Then squeeze the juice of the fruit and put jagua in a cooler area or cooling temperature. Jagua will longer for more than its shelf life when you place them in a cooler room. You can put the jagua in a cooler box with ice cubes. It will keep jagua fresh, and you can use it for the longer term for about two weeks or a month approximately.

In the fridge

when you store jagua in the fridge, jagua will be used for longer used. You can take jagua and make a gel of it. Used Jagua gel will work for long-lasting for about four months. You can also bring the ready-made jagua gel from the market. Put the gel in the fridge for the storing process.


Preserving food always helps when the season is going to end. To Store jagua, you can follow the methods of preserving, which are given below.

  • Make a jagua gel.
  • Make jagua in powdery form.

To make jagua gel, this is very simple and easy. Firstly take fresh jagua or huito fruit. Cut jagua into two pieces. Squeeze the juice of jagua and put them outside for the freezer or fridge for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, put the jagua in the freezer to make a gel.

Another method is making a jagua in powdery form; you can cut them into two pieces, then used its seeds and ground them in the fruit blender. The jagua powder is used for much longer than about 5 to 6 months. Put the powder in the refrigerator for storing.

Can you freeze jagua?

Jagua needs to be placed in the cooler room. You can freeze them in the freezer, deep freezer, or any cool location. Freezing is the best decision. Freezing jagua is the best until its shelf life is not expired. If you store it properly and take all the precautions seriously, it will last in the freezer for more than its shelf life.

The procedure is quite simple and easy. When you store jagua in the freezer, firstly put the jagua outside the freezer for up to 30 minutes. Then store in the freezer for the best result. Storing jagua gel in the freezer will keep it fresh and useful for the longer term up to a year.  Froze jagua will keep its consistency increased for your longer used.

How long does jagua last?

Jagua is a long-lasting fruit. Its shelf life is about three months, but its shelf life is twice that if you stored them properly. Freezing jagua will last for about one year because jagua needs to place in the cooler area that will increase its shelf life for the longer used. As mentioned that jagua has many benefits, and most people have used jagua for tattoos. When you put jagua in the refrigerator, they will last for about four months.

With the help of preservation, the jagua lasts in the gel form for up to 4 to 5 months, and in powdery form, it will last for up to 6 months in a cooler area. As you read in the article that jagua is a kind of temporary skin decoration. People can make tattoos used jagua as henna. When you apply jagua to the skin, it will only last for 10 to 14 days.

How to tell if jagua is bad?

Jagua is bad for you when you used them after the expiry date. Always check the before and after the date when you used it. Jagua is used for basic purposes. When it’s going too bad, it will damage your skin and make you sick from the inside and outside.

You should notice some things when you used jagua, like color, smell, texture, etc. If jagua is bad, these symptoms are taking place:

  • Change its texture into witty form.
  • The smell is really bad.
  • The brown color turns dark black, yellowish.