Does Jackfruit Go Bad?

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Jackfruit is a delicious fruit and is used in many dishes. It has many health benefits. Jackfruit belongs to the Moraceae plant family. Its outer skin is spiky. Jackfruit is yellow or green. The texture of jackfruit is comparable to shredded meat, so vegans mostly use it as a meat substitute. Jackfruit is also used in savory dishes, including curries and desserts.

Jackfruit holds an impressive fruit nutrition profile. This fruit contains a decent amount of fiber and the calories required for a healthy body. Yes, we know it’s hard to hear that such delicious and useful go bad too. Once the jackfruit is ripened, then it offers a short life ahead. You can always opt for some accurate storing methods to extend the shelf life of your fruits.

How to store jackfruit?

There is no great science behind storing your fruit properly to make it stay healthy for a prolonged period. Jackfruit holds several health benefits which make you want it to store for a long time. This article shared all the useful steps to store jackfruit accurately. Jumping onto the steps, you must follow in case to preserve jackfruit for the maximum period.

Room temperature

You can place the jackfruit on the countertop or in your pantry for some days until it is ripe. Unripe jackfruit should be ripened before you step for the next storing process. Let the jackfruit naturally ripe on its own at room temperature.

Once it is fully ripened, further sitting at room temperature won’t be better for its shelf life. Leaving jackfruit for more than three days in your pantry can make it rot. It is better to keep jackfruit at room temperature but not more than two to three days.

Dark and dry areas

A cool environment is vital for your fruits. Jackfruit stays well when in a cool environment and other suitable conditions. Keep jackfruit in cool places. Low heated areas are best to keep your jackfruit for long. Make sure to avoid much contact with jackfruit at high temperatures. Place jackfruit away from heat sources.

Choose the dry areas to keep your jackfruit protected from bacteria. Much moisture tends to be friendly for bacteria to grow. To protect your fruit from bacteria, you need to prevent moisture. It would be best if you stored jackfruit at a low temperature. Dark and dry areas are best to preserve jackfruit.

Refrigerate it

It would be best if you chose the refrigeration option before another option. Refrigerating jackfruit is highly recommended. On refrigerating jackfruit, you can increase its shelf life up to a week. Keep the cut jackfruit in air-sealed containers and put them in the fridge.

You can place the fruit in the crisper drawer of the fridge. It would be best if you refrigerated jackfruit to enhance its shelf life.

Can we freeze jackfruit?

Yes, jackfruit is a good candidate for freezing. If you have decided to throw the whole fruit inside the freezer, you shouldn’t do it! We must take good care regarding storing jackfruit. Some accurate and helpful tips are given in this article to show you the way to freeze jackfruit. Most among us must be puzzled that whether they can store raw jackfruit or not.

We recommend you not to store it raw as it’s not efficient enough. It doesn’t mean you cannot store the whole raw fruit; it is just not recommended. It is better if you cut jackfruit into smaller pieces and then put them in airtight jars. Place the airtight jars in the freezer.

How long does jackfruit last?

Jackfruit stays well for two to three days in your pantry or at room temperature. You should provide the demanded suitable conditions to the fruit for experiencing better quality time. Unripe jackfruit needs to be ripened before you keep them in the refrigerator. Your refrigerator reduces the process of ripening, thus making your fruit last for long.

It is necessary to let your fruit ripe first. Jackfruit sits well in your refrigerator for up to a week. Where if you decide to freeze it, you can freeze jackfruit for more than a month or a couple of months.

Cut jackfruit must be kept in airtight containers in your fridge. Cut jackfruit in air-sealed jars in your refrigerator last for up to five days maximum. You need to preserve the fruit with suitable and favorable methods to encourage the fruit’s shelf life.

How to tell if jackfruit is bad?

If you are concerned about quality, check your fruit. Look for the indications as described below about jackfruit’s quality. Here are some signs which indicate that you must not consume the fruit any longer.

  • See the appearance. If you observe any dark spots all over the jackfruit, you should toss such jackfruit.
  • When a jackfruit deteriorates, it turns watery and soggy. Please do not consume a jackfruit with these signs in it.
  • When there feels something off with the smell, taste, or texture, you should throw the jackfruit.