Does Irish Cream Go Bad?

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Irish Cream is a type of dessert that is having 17% of alcohol within it. Having the alcohol within Irish Cream helps it to fight against bacterial or fungal activity. This further prolongs the shelf life of Irish Cream as well. However, the Irish Cream can go bad after its expiry date.

The Irish can also go bad if you do not preserve it in a good manner. As it has dairy products within it, it can go bad while having improper preservation methods. If your Irish Cream get any heat or light source, then it can also go bad through this.

How to store Irish Cream?

Irish Cream does not go bad that early. The main thing is that you need to preserve it in a good manner. If you take of the proper storage ways of Irish Cream, it will go not bad even before its estimated lasting time. There are few best ways to store the Irish Cream. Some of them are as follows.

Store It in A Dark Place

The first way to store Irish Cream is that you can store it in dark places. The Irish Cream cannot bear any warm or light source. Therefore, you should store the Irish Cream in a dark place.

For this, the basement of your house can be a good place to store it has a cold temperature and a dark area. This is very suitable for Irish Cream. Besides, that you can also store it in your kitchen cabinet.

Store it in the Refrigerator

The next way to store Irish Cream is to store it in the refrigerator. You can store both; the store brought and even homemade Irish Cream in the refrigerator. By refrigerating the Irish Cream, you extend its lasting. The unopened bottles can also be stored in the refrigerator. This will help to retain its qualities.

Store it at Room Temperature

Then another way to store Irish Cream is to store it at room temperature. For that, you can store it on your kitchen shelf. The reason is that any type of heat source is not good for Irish Cream because it contains alcohol. It may lose its properties if you put it near any heat source.

Can You Freeze Irish Cream?

The freezing of Irish Cream is an important question. A lot of people used to get confused about either they should freeze it or not? However, the answer to this question is that it is not a good option to freeze the Irish Cream. If you freeze it, this will destroy your Irish Cream. Yes, freezing the whole bottle of Irish Cream is never advocated. Freezing the Irish Cream can create ice Cubes With Liqueur.

Further, it will not make the possibility of pouring the Irish Cream. However, freezing the Irish Cream can make it look like small ice cubes. This will destroy the whole texture of Irish Cream. Moreover, you can put your Irish Cream for some time. Such as you can put the Irish Cream in the freezer for less than half an hour. Otherwise, it is not recommended to put your Irish cream bottle in the freezer.

How Long Does Irish Cream Last

The estimated life of Irish Cream is almost two and a half years. However, the is a difference between the shelf life of homemade and store brought Irish Cream. The store brought Irish Cream is having more shelf life than that of homemade. Moreover, the estimated shelf life of Irish Cream is almost six to seven months. Further, the Irish Cream should be stored with proper sealing. However, the freshness of Irish Cream is not dependent on opened or unopened bottle. In addition, sometimes the Irish Cream can be good after two years as well. Therefore you can check it while tasting it.

How to tell when it is bad?

The Irish Cream can go bad easily. Several indicators can tell you that your Irish Cream got spoiled. The following indicators are as under;

  • First of all, you may see the change in the appearance of Irish Cream. If it goes bad, then it can change its color. Its color will become darker than normal. I see it through it.
  • Secondly, the spoiled Irish Cream will not smell pleasant similarly if you feel any unpleasant odor from your Irish Cream. Then through it without bothering about its expiry.
  • Thirdly, another indicator is that if you see that your Irish Cream is getting thick. That means that you need to throw it.
  • Moreover, Irish Cream goes bad if you see Irish Cream is not pouring well. If you find such indicator, throw it.