Does Irish Cheddar Go Bad

Does Irish Cheddar Go Bad?

Irish cheddar is a type of cheese made in Ireland. This cheddar cheese is specially produced by Irish milk. And we all know that Ireland is known for its perfect fields and dairy animals. This cheddar cheese produced by rich milk by Irish cows has a separate fanbase and unique taste.

Once you start using Irish cheddar cheese, you will get addicted, and you will not find simple cheddar cheese that good. It gives a salty and nutty taste. Because it is made from pasteurized milk, it has a creamy white appearance that looks so good and different from other types of cheese. Irish cheddar cheese does go bad. To make it last longer, you have to store it properly.

How to Store Irish Cheddar?

Irish cheddar cheese can be used in your everyday meals like on top of baking products or pasta, or in fondue. Irish cheddar is also served above crackers as a snack as it has a distinctive flavor and odor. It is an everyday used cheese.

You should know how to store it properly if you have bought it in bulk. This is because some unfavorable conditions may spoil your yummy cheddar cheese. Follow apt measures to store Irish cheddar.

In the Refrigerator

The refrigerator is the best place to store Irish cheddar cheese. This type of cheese has a slightly soft texture, so great care is needed to store it. Store it in the middle shelves of the refrigerator so that the cheese does not dry out. Also, avoid keeping the Irish cheddar cheese in the crisper of the fridge.

Store in Double wrapping

Double wrapping is required to store the cheese. Air exposure makes the cheese go bad quickly. The cheese may dry out or become crispy that does not give a good appearance and taste.

Away from Heat sources

Make sure to place your cheese away from heat sources such as direct sunlight, heat from your kitchen stove etc. These types of heat sources make the cheddar cheese go watery and mushy. The cheese immediately gets rotten and bad.

In a Dry place

You have to store your delicious Irish cheddar cheese in a dry place, i.e., away from moisture and humidity. The Irish cheddar cheese is more likely to get mold on it due to interactions with moisture. So, avoid contact of cheese with moisture. Wrap the Irish cheddar carefully and keep it in a dry place.

Can you Freeze Irish Cheddar?

Freezing is the best option for Irish cheddar cheese to make it last longer. All types of frozen cheese products have a very long shelf life. You can store them in the freezer if you have quite a large amount of cheese. The freezer is ideal for long term storage. Make sure to double wrap the cheese or use airtight bags or freezer bags. There should be no air passage inside the bags you are using. Otherwise, your cheese may dry out very fast.

It’s recommended to freeze the cheese in its shredded form. Or you can cut the bulk of cheese into pieces. That would help you to use it after. If you have not shredded the cheese, then keep the frozen cheese in the fridge for one day for defrosting.

How long does Irish Cheddar Last?

The shelf life of Irish cheddar cheese depends on how we have stored it. The more properly the cheese is stored, the longer it will last. Also, unopened packets and opened packets have a difference in their shelf lives too.

Refrigerated Irish cheddar cheese lasts for 3 to 4 weeks if kept with all precautions. It will go bad because of slight negligence even before its due time. On the other hand, if the cheese packet is unopened, it will stay good for 3 to 4 months inside the fridge.

Frozen cheese lasts longer than refrigerated ones. It remains good for 10 to 12 months inside the freezer. The same period is observed if the packet is unopened. Shredded cheese lasts slight shorter than the bulk of cheese. It will stay good for 7 to 8 months inside the freezer.

How to tell if Irish Cheddar is Bad?

If the cheese goes bad, it becomes really gross. Its appearance and color completely change than usual. Also, you should low whether your cheese is good to eat or not because bad dairy products are not good to consume. Irish cheddar, when bad, shows the following signs:

  • The rotten Irish cheddar will give you a very gross smell. So, toss the cheese out if it smells bad.
  • Mold on the cheese is an indication of spoilage. If the mold is on some part of the cheese, just cut that part off. The remaining part is good to consume.
  • If the Irish cheddar becomes mushy and water, do not eat it either.
  • Dried out cheese does not give a good appearance as well as taste. Avoid using such cheese.