Do Illawarra Plums Go Bad

Does Illawarra Plum Go Bad?

Illawarra plum is an Australian fruit commonly known as plum pine or brown pine. This fruit consists of two portions the indigestible seed and ample juicy flesh that is purplish to black. This cute little fruit has a sweet taste. Being an excellent source of antioxidants, they play an essential role in reducing cancer cells’ growth associated with GIT.

You can have Illawarra plum raw as their sweet and a bit tartly flavor make you crave for them again. It is used in a variety of sweet and savory dishes. You can use them in jams. Desserts like cheesecake and muffins, when topped with pine plum sauce, look very appealing and taste delicious. So let talk about whether such lovely fruit can go wrong? Unfortunately, yes, it has a short shelf life like other fruits, and it does go bad when not stored properly.

How to store Illawarra plum?

To increase the shelf life of any food, the only thing that can help you out is to store the concerning food properly. Storing not only plays a significant role in keeping your food for a longer duration but also in the same texture and flavor.

If you have bought kilos of Illawarra plum, and now you are perplexed how to store them. You don’t need to worry as you are at the correct place. This article will provide all about proper ways to store, preserve and freeze Illawarra fruit. So, let’s first discuss the ways you can store Illawarra fruit.

Keeping Illawarra fruit in pantry

If Illawarra fruit is unripe, then pantry is the best place to keep until they are ripening well, or You can store Illawarra fruit in the pantry if you are planning to eat this tasty fruit within a day, then pantry is the place where you can store them.

Make sure you store them in a cabinet that is free of moisture and humidity. Avoid placing them near the kitchen sink or places where this fruit can get in contact with moisture. You all know moisture is one of the greatest enemies in making any fruit go bad. Its leads to mold formation and microbial growth.

Place away from heat sources

Just like moisture, high temperature is another environmental factor that results in the spoilage of fruits. So always keep your Illawarra fruit in a well dry and cool place away from sunlight and heat sources. Excessive heat leads to early deterioration f Illawarra fruit.

Refrigerating Illawarra fruit

Refrigerating is probably one of the best methods to store fruit and vegetable. If you want to store Illawarra fruit for a long, keep them in the refrigerator. . Before storing them in the refrigerator, wash them and let the fruit dry. Take a clean, dry container, lined it with a paper towel, place dry Illawarra fruit and refrigerate them.

Pickling or making them into jam

Well, if you want to enjoy this citrusy sweet fruit throughout the year, you can go for the pickling and jam option. You can make them into jam or pickle them for later use.

Can you freeze Illawarra fruit?

Freezing is the method that increases the shelf life of any food for up to months. If you are anxious about preserving it for a long time, you can go for the freezing option. Once frozen, you can enjoy them throughout the year, but you have to keep in mind that there would be a difference in texture after freezing.

Before freezing, remove the seed attached to the fruit; after that, put it in the freezer tray lined with parchment paper. Remove the tray from the freezer after 2 hours and then put frozen Illawarra plum in a freezer-friendly zip lock bag. This method will prevent from sticking of fruits. You can make Illawarra plum sauce and freeze it for long-term use in ice cube trays.

How long does Illawarra plum last?

Illawarra plum has a short shelf life. To make it last for a long, some excellent storage methods have been touched on in this article. If Illawarra fruit is unripe, it has more shelf life than the ripe ones. Unripe Illawarra fruit is best to keep in the pantry until they ripen. Once they are fully ripening, this dark, juicy, and subtly sweet fruit is perfect for eating and can no longer stay in the pantry.

You have to place ripe ones in the refrigerator there. Illawarra plum can stay good for a week. If you want to store this yummy fruit for an extended period, go for the freezing option, its shelf life is increased to one year when frozen. You can preserve them by making sauce or jam of Illawarra plum fruit, and the flavor of Illawarra plum is usually enhanced when cooked.

How to tell if Illawarra plum is bad?

Utilizing spoiled Illawarra plum is health hazardous. You can quickly figure out whether the fruit is good to be complemented with other dishes or not. Following are the ways through which you can distinguish between bad and fresh Illawarra plum.

  • Carefully observe the texture of Illawarra plum fresh fruit has grape-like texture. If its texture is unpleasantly soft, don’t go for it.
  • You can also tell apart between good and spoiled Illawarra fruit by tasting and smelling.
  • If you notice any mold or color change, that’s another significant sign indicating that it’s imperfect to use.