Does Hyssop Go Bad

Does Hyssop Go Bad?

Hyssop is a beautiful flowering shrub. It has long stalks covered with beautiful green leaves and small purple flowers. It is most commonly found in central Asia and southern European regions. It has a horrid bitter taste and can be life-threatening when consumed in large quantities. It has been used since ancient times to treat various diseases. The plant also has some religious importance for the Christians, as it is mentioned in the bible.

It is used in the flavoring of foods and beverages. Hyssop is a herbal plant, so it does not go bad in the traditional sense. For hyssop to go bad means that it had lost taste or aroma, but it still is safe to consume.

How to store hyssop?

As hyssop is a shrub, so it is quite sensitive in terms of storage and export. Fresh hyssop can be used in cooking; however, hyssop is commonly available in dried form. Hyssop does not go bad early and is easy to store. You can store hyssop fresh or in dried form. Fresh hyssop can be stored in the fridge and must be used within a few days.

Air Drying

We can air dry fresh hyssop for storage purposes as dried hyssop lasts longer. It is a very simple procedure and can be done at home. Take fresh hyssop branches and hang them upside down in a warm, ventilated place for two to five days. Monitor them every day so that the hyssop does not over-dry as dry hyssop tends to be less flavor-full. When dry enough, remove the flowers and the leaves from the branches and store them in an air-tight container.

Store in Pantry

Always store hyssop away from direct sunlight. It is because heat can spoil your hyssop and make it go bad. It is therefore recommended to store it at a cool and dark place.

Use Airtight containers

Long exposure to air can make the hyssop excessively dry and it loses all of its taste and aroma so make sure to store hyssop in air tight containers.

Can we freeze hyssop?

Hyssop has multiple health and food benefits. It can be stored both fresh and dried. It is not common to freeze hyssop as it loses its color and flavor early when frozen.

For storing fresh hyssop, you can wash it thoroughly and then dry them with a paper towel and cut it into sizes suitable for storing. Now put them in an air-tight plastic bag and store them in the freezer. Fresh frozen hyssop loses its color and taste early. So it is preferred if we store fresh hyssop by first air drying it to convert it into dried form. And then store in air-tight glass jars to put in the freezer; this will keep it fresh for a longer period.

How long does hyssop last?

Hyssop does not go bad in the traditional sense. They only lose their flavor and taste with time. Hyssop is most commonly stored and bought in dried form. So as the dried hyssop has no moisture, it does not go bad. A majority of hyssop bottles are even used after their expiration dates. They do degrade with the time that is they lose their potential benefit.

In the case of hyssop, as it is used as a medicinal herb and cooking, an older batch would have lost its medical benefits and might not have the potential benefit it originally had. Dried hyssop last 2-3 years. In some cases, they may last longer; however, they may go a bit dull and lose their aroma.

How to tell if hyssop is bad?

Hyssop is a flowering shrub. The plant has long stalks that are covered with beautiful small-sized purple flowers. It has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries. It has also been used as an antiseptic in old times.

Due to its medical properties, hyssop does not go bad early. Hyssop does not go bad in the traditional sense of the word so that you can use it past expiration dates; however, sometimes it does go bad early due to storage conditions or, in cases, when it is kept on the shelf for a very long period. It is easy to detect if the hyssop you are using or have stored has gone bad or not by looking for a few signs.

  • In the case of fresh hyssop, if the flowers are discolored and the plant has a mushy texture, it is bad.
  • In the case of dried hyssop, the one that you might be using or have stored. If it does not taste as strong as it used to when you first just started using the bottle, then it certainly has gone bad.
  • Hyssop is an aromatic plant. It has a beautiful smell. So the next time you open your dried hyssop bottle and you encounter a bad smell, then it has gone bad.
  • If the dried hyssop has gone moldy brown or black in colour then it is also a sign of it going bad.