Does Huito Go Bad

Does Huito Go Bad?

If I say there is a fruit that tastes extremely delicious, it is very good for your eyes and serves many medicinal purposes. Will you like to know about it? If your answer is a yes, let me make you familiar with Huito.

Huito is an oval berry fruit that grows in a hot and humid atmosphere. It has yellowish-brown skin and a sweet flavor. It is full of sweet pulp and can be used to make sweet syrups, desserts, and jams.

An important question here is that does huito go bad? Continue reading the article to find the answer to this question. You will also come to know about the fruit’s shelf life and storage methods in this article.

How to store Huito?

It may happen one fine day that one of your friends who owns a big garden may gift you a bunch of fruit. At that moment, you will probably be wondering how to keep a great number of Huito fresh for a long.

You do not need to worry about that because Huito can be stored by simple methods. You just need to take care of the appropriate moisture and temperature conditions for the storage of the fruit. Some methods are listed below.

At room temperature

While you are buying Huito, always choose the fresh fruit. The fresher the fruit, the longer it lasts. Fresh fruit also has a less chance of going bad as compared to the longer kept fruit. For short-term storage, Huito can be placed in a basket and stored at room temperature. If you find a moldy fruit in your stock, discard it before storing it.

Store in the pantry

If you plan on using Huito within a week, storing it in the pantry is a good idea. The cool temperature in the kitchen pantry preserves the fruit.


Refrigeration is an effective method to increase the shelf life of Huito. You can store whole fruit or cut it into pieces before placing it in an air-tight container. Storing the fruit in the drawer of the refrigerator protects it from molds and insects. It maintains its best quality for about two months.

Can you freeze huito?

Yes, why not. If you wish to use the fruit for a couple of months, you should freeze it. Frozen fruit is easy to handle and can be used to make jams and syrups. Although freezing helps to increase the shelf life of Huito, it affects its texture to some extent. Freezing Huito requires some simple steps, which are discussed as follows.

  • Wash the fruit first and allow it to dry
  • Peel it and cut it into small pieces or slices.
  • Blanch the slices in boiling water for few minutes and allow them to dry.
  • Place the pieces on a freezer tray and freeze them for few hours. This step is done to avoid the fruit from sticking together.
  • Now transfer the frozen pieces into a freezer bag or an air-tight container.

Thaw the frozen fruit in the refrigerator before use. Thawing can be done by placing the frozen fruit in boiling water. You can also thaw by refrigerating the frozen fruit for two hours.

How long does huito last?

The shelf life of Huito is dependent upon many factors. The storage temperature makes a big difference in this regard. Exposure to heat can spoil the fruit at once and reduce its shelf life.

Huito lasts for one to weeks in the pantry. Beyond this time, they lose their usual firmness and appear soft. Sliced fruit, however, lasts for three to five days. It can be soaked in lemon juice to prevent browning.

If refrigerated, the fruit maintains its quality for four to six weeks. However, if your batch of fruit already contains some rotten fruits, they will not last long. Remember to keep checking for such fruits in your batch and discard them at the earliest.

How to tell if huito has gone bad?

Like all fleshy fruits, Huito goes bad if not stored properly. While buying the fruit from the market, choose the freshest variety so that it lasts longer.

You can look for some signs to spot the rotten fruits which are mentioned below.

  • If Huito goes bad, it develops small spots and bruises.
  • It loses its firm texture and becomes mushy.
  • Molds may grow into the fruit giving it a bad odor.
  • The rotten fruit loses its sweet juicy flavor and does not taste good at all.

Huito is loved worldwide due to its amazingly sweet taste and important health benefits. It is secondary to none in treating your taste buds. You all should never miss out on Huito on your Saturday groceries. If you store the fruit properly, you can enjoy it for a long.