Does Hubbard Squash Go Bad

Does Hubbard Squash Go Bad?

Hubbard squash is a delicious fruit loved by everyone. It originated in South America. It belongs to the varieties of winter squash. It is found in various colors like green, pale blue, grey, golden, and orange. It is well known by other names like green pumpkin and buttercup squash.

The outer covering of hubbard squash is quite hard and tough. Inside there is bright orange and grainy flesh. It has a sweet flavor, somewhere between a sweet potato and pumpkin. It is widely used in making soups and pies. The question here we got is that does this sweet flavored hubbard squash goes bad or not? Yes, it can go bad if not stored properly. Don’t worry! We are here to tell you the ways for its storage and also its health benefits. Carry on reading our article then!

How to store hubbard squash?

Do you know? There is a funny story that how hubbard squash is named. People think that it is named after Elizabeth Hubbard, who shared its seeds with her friend. Well, maybe this could be true! Anyhow, Hubbard is so good for your health.

There are many ways to store it properly so that you can enjoy its heavenly taste anytime later. Let’s discuss some of them, which are mentioned right below.

Store in Pantry

If you have bought less quantity of fruit which you can eat in few days, then keep it in the pantry. The simplest way to store the hubbard squash is to keep it at in your fruit basket at room temperature. It remains fresh in a cool and dark place. Make sure you keep it away from the sun or any other heat source.


Another way which is used to store the squash is curing. It is a way for the preservation of food. It draws out moisture from the food and prevents it from going bad. It is an effective way used for storage these days.

All you have to do is place the hubbard squash in a warm place with good ventilation. Place it on some higher point like a rock or a shelf. Keep it there for ten to fifteen days. Make sure the squash remains dry during this period.


If you have cut some extra hubbard squash for the pie you are going to make, and you are not planning to eat it right now. No worries then! You can store it in your refrigerator and enjoy the delicious squash later. This method is used after cutting. You can put the hubbard squash in some air-tight jar or plastic bag. Here, you can keep it for four to five days. Make sure the bag or jar doesn’t have a rotten piece in it. One spoiled squash will cause others to go bad soon.

Can you freeze hubbard squash?

You can enjoy the hubbard squash baked, boiled, or even steamed. You can eat it raw as well.  If you want to glow, then go and buy a lot of Hubbard squashes! Yes, it is an amazing source of vitamin C that is really good for your skin.

If you are going to crave the delicious pumpkin-flavored squash in the off-season, then why not consider the option of freezing? Yes, you can freeze the hubbard squash. Just remember few steps. Wash and then dry the hubbard squash properly. Remove its skin and seeds. Cut it in the form of cubes. Arrange them on the baking sheet and put them in the freezer for an hour. Remove the tray and put those cubes in an air-tight jar. Place the jar in the freezer.

How long does hubbard squash last?

One of the great benefits of eating hubbard squash is that it is an excellent source of fiber. If you have any constipation issues, then say goodbye to them! Hubbard squash is so good for your digestion and also prevents constipation issues.

The question that may you want to ask is how long does hubbard squash last? Don’t worry; our article covers every aspect you need. Here we are! The shelf life of hubbard squash is six months if stored in the right way. You can keep the hubbard squash in the pantry for three to six months. You can store yummy squash in the refrigerator for at least four days after cutting it. In the freezer, you can preserve it for ten to twelve months.

How to tell if hubbard squash is bad?

One of the amazing benefits of eating hubbard squash is that it is an excellent source of vitamin A. It provides you iron as well. The question that may pop up in your head is how to tell if hubbard squash goes bad? Simple! Just remember few tips.

  • The first indication that squash is spoiled is that it will get mushy and begin to release fluid. Better to throw it away.
  • Check for the presence of mold. If there is any growth of mold or fungus, don’t eat it.
  • If any unpleasant smell is coming, don’t consume that squash.