Do Hot House Cucumbers Go Bad

Does Hot House Cucumber Go Bad?

This type of cucumber is different from the typical ones. They are longer and skinner. Hot house cucumber is indigenous to central Asia. You can eat it with the skin because of thinner skin.

And it is available throughout the year. It contains multiple vitamins that include vitamin A, K, C, etc. The taste of hot house cumber is sweeter than the normal cucumber. It gives flavor to your salads. Yes, it also goes bad. The shelf-life is not too long. So, it would be best if you stored it properly to prolong the consumption period.

How to store hot house cucumber?

Storing hot house cucumber is important if you want to consume it in the long run. But there are few techniques you have to follow for storage. The techniques adapted will keep the hot house cucumber fresh. You will find in stores these cucumbers already wrapped in tight plastic. But that is not just enough for keeping it fresh. The ways are as follow.

Store at room temperature

Storing hot house cucumber at room temperature is highly recommended. It will stay fresh for quite along. It will not go bad very easily. The moisture present in hot house cucumber will prevent it from spoilage. Make sure the room temperature is okay, not too hot or cold.

Keep it dry

Always remember to keep your hot house cucumber dry. After you bought them from the store, first wash them with water. After washing, please do not keep it wet before storing dry it out completely. Use a paper towel or dishtowel to wrap your cucumbers. It will help any condensation or dampness away. This procedure will prevent it from sogginess and mold growth.

Keep away from heat/sunlight

Hot house cucumber shall not be exposed to sunlight. It is suggested to keep it away from all sources of heat. It will go awful very fast. And you have to throw them all in waste. The sources of heat will absorb the moisture present in hot house cucumber. Eventually, it will shrink and will taste nasty.

Refrigerate them

If you like to consume hot house cucumber, you can refrigerate them. But it is not recommended. Compared to storing in fridge room temperature is best.

But if you plan on doing so, make sure not to wash your cucumbers. Wash it only when you want to eat. And the idle location in the fridge is near the door. The area at the door is not too cold compared to the center.

Can you freeze hot house cucumber?

Well, not you cannot freeze hot house cucumber. They have high water content. It’s not like you cannot freeze it, but you cannot eat the frozen hot house cucumber.

Because of the water content, when you thaw it for use, it will squashy and soft if you want to use it in your drinks mixed with other fruits and vegetables, then you can. Or, if you want to rub it on your skin as a treatment, then frozen cucumber is best. But make the juice of hot house cucumber and pour it into an ice cube tray. Enjoy!

How long does hot house cucumber last?

Hot house cucumber can last you only in one case if you store them. But storing it randomly without preventive measures is of no use. It does not have a fixed lasting capacity. It highly depends on the place and temperature provided.

If you store whole hot house cucumber at room temperature, it will last you 1 or 2 weeks. And in the refrigerator, it will last up to only one week. Due to its short shelf-life, it will not last very long no matter how you store it. In the freezer, it will last you a whole month but with no benefits. After you thaw, it will go to waste.

If you slice the hot house cucumber at room temperature, it will only last you few hours. And the sliced cucumber will last up to 1 or 2 days in the fridge. Freezing is not suggested.

How to tell if hot house cucumber is bad?

There are many ways to tell if your hot house cucumber has gone bad or not. It is advised not to eat the spoiled one. Spoiled food has a high risk of health diseases. Because heath comes first and it should be the priority.

Few indicators will help you in finding out if it has gone bad. Down below are those methods through which you can recognize them.

  • The hot house cucumber will turn into a pool of squashy fluid. Without a doubt, it has gone bad. Please do not eat it is not good for your health.
  • The cucumber’s skin is firm, but if you see wrinkles on the surface, it is an indicator that it is bad. Discard and avoid using it for any means.
  • By tasting if it tastes bitter, throw away the cucumber.
  • The hot house cucumber may look fine from outside, but always cut it and check if there are molds inside. It can be unsafe.