Does Horse Gram Go Bad

Does Horse Gram Go Bad?

Horse gram seeds are originated from southern Asia. Horse gram is used in many countries around the world due to its high nutrient contents. It offers good amounts of protein, vitamins, amino acids and lipids. Horse gram seeds are used as food in South Asian countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. Likewise, it is an important element of many homemade remedies.

Horse gram seeds are used for health purpose, such as weight loss, diabetes, digestion, etc.  The shelf life of Horse gram seeds is long. The storage of Horse gram seeds is not a big challenge. Without much effort, you can store Horse gram for a long period.

How to store Horse Gram?

Seeds and pulses are very easy to store. The dry nature of Horse gram seeds means it possesses long shelf life. Horse gram seeds lack moisture, which means they can stay fresh for a long period. You can store your Horse gram seeds like other pulses and seeds. To store your Horse gram seeds, you can use the following methods.

In a plastic bag

The simplest way to store your Horse gram seeds is to put them inside a plastic bag. Place the bag on a shelf or inside a cupboard. Your Horse gram seeds in a plastic bag shall remain fresh and healthy for 6-7 months. The bag should be well-sealed. An open bag will invite moisture and various insects. Moisture and insects will both contribute well to spoiling your Horse gram seeds.

In a glass jar

You can easily store your Horse gram seeds in a glass jar like other seeds and pulses. The glass jar cap should be closed properly. The jar will protect your Horse gram seeds from expiring.  A well-closed glass jar will prevent moisture from settling in your seeds. The absence of moisture will prevent mould from developing. It will keep your Horse gram seeds fresh and healthy. A glass jar having Horse gram seeds can store them for 2-3 years easily.

In a refrigerator

A fridge is ideal storage for your spices, seeds and pulses. It provides a cold breeze to the seeds, which keep them fresh and nutritious for a very long time. The refrigerator stops moisture from creeping inside your seeds and spoiling them. A fridge can keep your Horse gram seeds usable for more than 3-4 years.

Can you Freeze Horse Gram?

Horse gram seeds are frozen for extending their life span. Freezing Horse gram seeds and other pulses requires proper care and caution. The Horse gram seeds are placed inside an anti-moisture vacuum and are subjected to cold temperature.

Moisture causes Horse gram seeds to crack and split. It is important to make the seeds moisture-free before freezing them. Horse gram seeds with traces of moisture in them spoil earlier than their expiry time. Freezing Horse gram seeds can extend their life to 5-6 years. Frozen Horse gram seeds lack the natural taste, texture and nutritional status.

How long does the House Gram last?

The life of your Horse gram seeds depends totally on the medium in which it is stored. The life span of Horse gram seeds varies in different places. Your Horse gram seeds will remain unspoiled for four months if they are kept in opened plastic bags. It is important to keep any moisture away from seeds. Well-sealed packed seeds will remain fresh for 6-8 months.

Keeping Horse gram seeds in a closed jar will not allow any moisture or insects to damage your seeds for 2-3 years. The refrigerator offers a long-term solution to your seeds storage problem. Horse gram seeds can last 3-4 years in a refrigerator.

Horse gram seeds can last for 5-6 years in a freezer. However, upon thawing, the seeds lose their natural tender, texture, appearance and nutritional value. In the freezer, the seeds can also get spoiled easily if moisture is allowed to contact the seeds.

How to tell if Horse Gram is Bad?

Despite having a longer shelf life, Horse gram seeds can go bad thanks to certain conditions. Checking the health status of your Horse gram seeds is very easy. It utilizes your sense of sight and smells to detect if the seeds are rotten. Rotten Horse gram seeds will show the following signs

  • Moisture cracks and tears the seed bean. These cracks are visible by your naked eye. Cracked seeds cannot be used; therefore, they must be thrown away.
  • Rotten Horse gram seeds also develop mould or moss on their surface. It is because of the bacterial invasion of your Horse gram seeds. These seeds cannot be further used and should be thrown away.
  • Another indication of rotten Horse gram seeds is the loss of their natural texture, colour and strong surface. The seeds become slack and loose.