Do Horned Melons Go Bad

Does Horned Melon Go Bad?

Horned Melon is an exotic fruit having originated from Africa. It appears as a combination of pomegranate and cucumber. It is called Horned Melon because of the presence of horn-like spikes on its outer surface.

In addition to Africa, Horned Melon is used in America, Australia, and many European countries. It is consumed as a snack, salad, or dish dressings. Horned Melon tastes like a combination of banana, lime, and cucumber. The shelf life of Horned Melon is quite long at normal room temperature. For extended storage, Horned Melon should be stored in a specific environment.

How to store Horned Melon?

Storing Horned Melon is easy. The fruit has an excellent shelf life. However, if you want to store it for a long time, then you must be careful.

This article is concerned with the life and storage solution of Horned Melon. If you are worried about your fruit life, we shall guide you on storing your horned Melon. To store Horned Melon, use the following methods.

On the shelf

Horned Melon has a long shelf life. It can last for a long time on your shelf at normal room temperature. The ideal room temperature for Horned Melon is 20-24 degrees Celsius.

The life of the Horned Melon is linked with its ripening. A well-ripened Horned Melon is watery inside and has a dark yellow texture. Ripened Horned Melon can last for ten days, while unripe Horned Melon can last for 20-25 days, at normal room temperature.

Away from Sunlight

Store your Horned Melon at a place where it is not exposed to sunlight. Sunlight raises the temperature of the fruit and helps it ripe faster. Even though riped Horned melons are good, sunlight can result in extra ripening, which will cause the fruit to go bad quickly.

In the Refrigerator

You can store Horned Melon in your refrigerator during summers. In comparison to other fruits and vegetables, Horned Melon has a relatively small life at low temperatures. Horned Melon can last for 2.5-3 months at a temperature ranging from 20-24 degrees Celsius and 8-10 days at low temperatures such as 4,6,12 degrees Celsius.

We recommend you store unripe Horned Melon in your fridge. If you place your ripped Horned Melon in the fridge, its life span will decrease, and it will spoil instantly.

Can you Freeze Horned Melons?

As discussed earlier, it is not wise to store Horned Melon at low temperatures. Low temperature storing habitat reduces the life span of the fruit considerably. Therefore, you cannot freeze Horned Melon as a whole. However, you can freeze the pulp of the Horned Melon for later use.

But what if you want to store Horned Melon for a long period? Since you cannot freeze it, we recommend you seek the assistance of chemical preservatives. These preservatives can extend your fruit life for a long period and solve your Horned Melon storing problems.

How long does the Horned Melon Last?

The life period of Horned Melon is highly dependent on the habitat in which it is stored. Horned Melon lasts long at medium temperatures. At low temperatures, it is spoiled quickly. It is best to consume your Horned Melon within 8-10 days of its purchase from the market.

Horned Melon has an excellent shelf life. An unripe Horned Melon can last up to 6 months at normal room temperature. The shelf life of a well-ripped Horned Melon at a room temperature ranging between 20-24 degrees Celsius is up to 3 months.

An unripe Horned Melon can last for ten days in the refrigerator, while a ripped Horned Melon will go bad within 3-4 days. Low temperatures are unfavorable for storing fruits like Horned Melon. Chemical conservatives can store horned Melon for 8-10 months. These preservatives provide an effective solution to tackle the long-term storage problems of fruits.

How to tell if Beach Plum is Bad?

Finding out if your Horned Melon fruit has gone bad is quite easy. Finding spoiled fruits is helped by your senses of touch, smell, and sight. You can easily tell if your Horned Melon has gone bad if the following indications occur on your fruit.

  • The spoiled parts of your Horned Melon fruit appear dark brown. Cuttoff, the spoiled portion of the fruit, and the rest of the fruit are good to consume. If the whole Horned Melon has become brown, then throw it away.
  • Spoiled Horned Melon becomes flaccid and mushy. It feels soft and delicate upon touching. It indicates the fruit has over-ripen and is not safe to consume. The spoiled Horned Melon belongs to the trash can.
  • Rotten Horned Melon, like other fruits, generates a foul and damp smell. If you feel something off about the natural smell of your Horned Melon, then don’t risk using it. It has been spoiled already.