Does Hooligan Go Bad

Does Hooligan Go Bad?

Hooligan fruit belongs to the family of pumpkin. Its size is relatively smaller than pumpkin. This little pumpkin is very delicious when cooked. It differs in color from other pumpkins. It is yellow with speckles of orange and white color. The dark green handles are strongly attached to the top of the pumpkin, which helps hold the hooligan.

Hooligan tastes heavenly good when stirring fry or stuffed or baked. This savory fruit can go bad. It usually gets rot due to exposure to air or sunlight due to the process of oxidation. By accurately storing hooligan can save your hooligan fruit from going bad?

How to store a hooligan?

The proper story plays a significant role in making the hooligan last for a longer period. In this article, you will see all the methods you will utilize hooligan for a longer period. You can store hooligan in the following ways.

Store in pantry

Hooligan usually has long shelf life if stored well. After bringing the whole hooligan from the store, you can store the whole fresh hooligan in the pantry.

It stays good in the pantry for two to three months. In case you have cut the pumpkin, then the pantry is not the right place to keep the hooligan.

Keep away from heat sources

Heat or high temperature generally make hooligan rot and decompose fast. Warm temperature changes the texture of the hooligan, making it pappy from inside.

So always keep the whole hooligan away from heat, moisture, and direct light. Choose a dry and cool cabinet to store a hooligan.

In refrigerator

If you have cut the hooligan, then you cannot keep it in the kitchen or pantry. The best place to store is a refrigerator.

Suppose you refrigerate the remaining portion of pumpkin in the refrigerator opening. In that case, it can rotate even in the refrigerator so let us first tell you the correct way to refrigerate the hooligan. First of all, remove all the seeds. You can use a peeler or any spoon for this purpose. Now wrap it with plastic foil, or you can cut the hooligan into slices.

Place those slices in air all right container and then finally into the refrigerator. If you don’t want to slice them off, you can apply the first method wrapping the leftover hooligan with plastic foil and put that in a vegetable rack in the fridge.

Storing canned pumpkin hooligan

Canned pumpkin is available in grocery stores. Similarly, a canned pumpkin hooligan is also available, as you have read above.

The hooligan belongs to the pumpkin family. You can use it for snacking or ornamental purposes. Canned hooligan stays good in the pantry for a year if unopened.

Once you have opened the can, make sure to place the can in the refrigerator and consume it within seven days.

Can you freeze hooligan fruit?

You opt freezing method when you want to enjoy the food throughout the season. Freezing extends the shelf life of many foods. If you want to freeze hooligan fruit, yes, you can. You have two ways to do it. The first one is freezing hooligan raw in the form of chunks.

Cut the pumpkin, scoop out the seed slice them into cubes. Please put them in a freezer bag. Don’t overfill; otherwise, the cubes will stick together, making it difficult for you to remove any portion when needed.

The second way is making hooligan fruit puree and then filling ice cube tray with the pure. In this way, you can easily remove or defrost puree cubes. Whenever you want to add them in soups, baked goods like pies, take out two to three cubes. You don’t have to defrost the whole puree tray.

How long does the hooligan last?

Hooligan fruit has long shelf life compared to other fruits and veggies. But still, you need to provide proper storage methods to make them last longer. Whole and fresh hooligan fruit can last in the pantry for two to three months. Make sure you keep it in a cool and well-dry place away from sunlight sources and moisture.

Hooligan, when cut, its shelf life is reduced, and you cannot place it in the pantry. Please put it in the refrigerator in the form of slices or wrapping the leftover with a plastic sheet. In the refrigerator, it stays good for one month. A cooked hooligan needs to be stored in the refrigerator to remain good for 2-3 days. Freezing extends the shelf life of the hooligan to several months.

How to tell if the hooligan is bad?

Hooligan fruit can turn bad, and no, you never want to utilize bad hooligan in your favorite recipes. One of the most important key points is always select fresh hooligan from the grocery store. Please don’t go for the one with blemishes or marks on their skin.

Following are the ways through which you can figure out either hooligan fruit is fresh or bad.

  • If you notice any brown spots on the hooligan surface, that indicates that the hooligan isn’t fresh anymore.
  • If the hooligan appears pappy or unpleasantly soft, don’t go for it.
  • If you see any strange discoloration or marks on raw hooligans, don’t use it for cooking purposes, as your recipe might taste bad.
  • If you observe any mold growth on cut slices of hooligan, it’s a big sign that hooligan is spoiled. Throw it away. Don’t use it as it may cause serious git infections.
  • Another excellent tip that can help you always see the bottom of pumpkin is if it’s soft or mushy that a big hint hooligan is about to get worse.