Does Honey Go Bad?

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Honey is a food product that is having a huge amount of anti-bacterial properties. This is the reason that, like many other foods, honey does not go bad. There is no chance of any bacterial and fungal activity in honey. However, it can change its appearance over time; the honey becomes gloomy and thick.

Overall, honey is enlisted in the foods that do not go bad. Moreover, there are few changes you may notice in honey over time. However, it does not means that honey cannot be good to use after these changes. Some changes may occur in every food over time, so it with honey.

How to Store Honey

Honey does not go bad if you store it properly. Honey can be stored anywhere as there are negligible chances of it going bad. The way of storage is an essential part of ensuring it retains its consistency for a longer time. If you do not store your honey well, then it may affect the quality of your food.  There are many ways to keep honey. Some of the best ways to store honey are as under.

Store at Room Temperature

The room temperature is best for storing the honey. You can put the jar of honey at room temperature for a long time. Further, you can store the honey on the kitchen’s shelf as room temperature is suitable for it. Moreover, do check the sealing of honey after every use.

Store Honey in the Refrigerator

The next way to store the honey is to store it in the refrigerator. Cold temperature is good for storing the honey. Although it gets a bit thicker and harder at cold temperatures, keeping the honey in the fridge can store it for a longer time.

Store Honey in the Freezer

Another way to store the honey is to freeze it. You can put the honey in the freezer as long as you want. Moreover, you can microwave the frozen honey for one minute before using it.

Store Honey in A Dark Place

Make sure that you store the honey in a dark place. Try to avoid the honey from heat and light sources, especially from the sunlight and its ultraviolet rays. The sun can destroy some of the properties of honey.

Can You Freeze Honey?

Honey is a food product with a very good shelf life and does not need to be frozen. However, to preserve honey for a long time, the best way is to freeze it. So, yes, you can freeze the honey.

Honey is a food product that can keep its properties for a very long time if you store it in the freezer in a proper manner. Freezing the honey can retain its antimicrobial and dietetic properties. The honey can stay good at a cool temperature.

Therefore, for the seller, storing the honey in the freezer is the best way. We as a consumer can also enjoy honey with all its enriched qualities for a long time. However, if you improperly freeze the honey, like keeping its jar unsealed or not tighten it properly. Then it may affect its taste and few qualities.

How Long Does Honey Last?

As discussed above, honey is a food product with anti-bacterial properties; therefore, it cannot easily spoil. Consequently, we can get that honey is a food product that could last for a long time. Yes, honey is a food product that is having an imprecise life span.

The only thing is that you store it in a good manner, then honey can last for many years. It will not get bad even three years. Pure honey has a quality to lasts for several years without any major loss in quality. However, the store brought honey with ordinary manufactures can last for a year or best before its expiry date.

Tough usually, honey is taken as a food product that never gets spoiled. Therefore, it is quite difficult to answer the exact period of honey lasting.

How Can You Tell It Goes Bad?

The honey can lose its properties and quality over time. However, still, it will not go bad. You can even use the honey by observing few changes in its properties. Some of the change properties of honey over time are listed as below;

  • The first thing is that you can see a change in the taste. The taste of honey may change over time. You can feel that its sweetness is somehow different from the normal.
  • The second thing you may notice is a color change. Sometimes you can see that honey is changing its color if you store it for a long time. The color will start getting yellow instead of brownish golden as it is used to be brownish golden naturally.
  • Then another thing you may notice over time is the variation in the texture of honey. You can see that honey is getting thick and cloudy over time.