Do Honeycrisp Apples Go Bad

Does Honey Crisp Apple Go Bad?

Honeycrisp apple is a crossbreed apple variety developed in the late 19th century. It is an expensive breed as compared to the rest of the apple breeds. This Apple was purely developed for its taste. It can be defined as a crisp near-perfect raw apple.  It has a rich tart taste with a light berry flavor.

It is most commonly used in making jams, pies, salads, sandwiches, burgers, etc. Being an expensive cross breed provides it with properties due to which it does not go bad early; however, prolonged exposure to heat or sun can make it rotten. It can last for almost a week on the shelf and larger when refrigerated.

How to store honey crisp apples?

As we mentioned earlier, honey crisp apple is an expensive developed breed, so care needs to be taken in storing it. It is hard to grow these apples and even more hard to store and export them as small things like CO2 or even the Apple stems can ruin the whole batch that you have stored.

Here we have shared with you a few fantastic techniques that will help you store your crisp honey apples for a more extended period.

Avoid premature apples

For storage purposes, always pick out mature apples. Mature honey crisp has a beautiful red color, and the background color is going from green to yellow.


Unlike most fruits we buy, we cannot just casually store them in the fridge. We need to keep them warm for a few days before storing them in the refrigerator or the pantry.

Proper temperatures

honey crisps are sensitive to temperature changes, so they should be stored around 38F and never lower than 36F.

Refrigerate it

Refrigeration helps store apples for a long time while maintaining their crispy taste and flavor. The honey crisp apples can last seven months when stored in the fridge.

Can we freeze honey crisp apples?

Freezing is a good option when storing honey crisp apples in significant amount or storing for more extended periods. You can freeze whole Apple just as they are; however, it is not preferred to freeze Apple as a whole as it makes it difficult later to slice a dice them for cooking purposes.

A preferred method for storing honey crisp apples is by slicing them. Wash and peel your crisp apples and also remove the core. Now slice it into long thin slices. Dip these slices into water containing lemon juice. The measurement is one tablespoon lemon juice per gallon. This technique will prevent apples from turning brown during the freeze period.

Now spread them on the baking sheet and make sure that none of the sides are touching, then put them into the freezer. When frozen, store them in a freezer bag. This quick and easy method will help you keep your Apple fresh for an extended period while maintaining its color and flavor.

How long do honey crisp apples last?

As we mentioned earlier, honey crisp apples are expensive breeds, so one may question whether the money is worth it or not? The answer is ‘yes,’ it definitely is. Honeycrisp Apples have an amazing tart and berry flavor and, as the name suggests, are crisp and firm.

In terms of Storage or how long they last, let us tell you one of the main reasons honey crisp apples are expensive is because they have excellent storage life. They do not go bad early.

Honeycrisp apples can last for about 5 to 7 days or more on the shelf. When refrigerated under the right temperature, they can last up to 9 months, and when frozen, they can last a whole year. You can stack up your favorite crisp apples when in the season without worrying about them going bad.

How to tell if honey crisp apples are bad?

As we have mentioned a few times in the text, honey crisp has a long storage life, so they do not go bad early; however, they are sensitive to environmental conditions. Honey crisp needs to be stored at proper temperatures and with the proper storage procedures as they can go bad early if the conditions are bad.

Here we have shared with you a few signs that can help you determine whether the honey crisp that you are buying or have already stored gone bad or not.

  • Bruising: a fresh honey crisp has a beautiful red color with a bit yellow in the background. Bad honey crisp will have a brown color and bruises on it.
  • Wrinkled skin: a fresh honey crisp apple has firm skin. A bad honey crisp apple will have wrinkled, soggy skin.
  • Holes: like most other fruits, honey crisp apples are also prone to insect attacks. Always look for insect holes before buying.
  • Mushy texture: as the name suggests, honey crisp apples have a crispy texture that makes them more delicious. Bad honey crisp will have a mushy texture making it unappealing.
  • Bland or grainy taste: fresh honey crisp apples have an amazing tart and berry flavor. A rotten Apple will have a bland or grainy taste.