Do Hog Plums Go Bad

Does Hog Plum Go Bad?

If you confuse a hog plum with pear, you will be forgiven. The exterior of the fruit is somewhat similar to a pear. Hog plum is a species of plum. It is said to be native to tropical America. The fruit is not customarily eaten directly from the branch. It tastes like Smith apple, i.e., sweet, tart, and a little bit strong. It is high in calcium.

The patient with heart disease can consume. Heart and nerves need high calcium to function properly. Yes, the hog plum does go rancid like other fruits. If you properly store the fruit, they can last pretty long.

How to store hog plum?

There are numerous ways to store hog plum. Some methods are short-term and other long-term processes. The fruit is only available in its particular season. So, storing is a way you can enjoy the fruit in the off-season as well. By following the ways of storage, you can extend the shelf-life of fruit. Down below are those few ways you can adopt.

Store at room temperature

Storing at room temperature is a short-term way to store hog plum. You can store unripe fruit at room temperature. You have to store the whole hog plum; This will allow the fruit to ripen with time. That allows the fruit to stay fresh and tasty for quite long at room temperature. But you have to be careful and keep on checking the fruit daily. Use the pressing technique to identify if the fruit is still okay.

Refrigerate the fruit

On the kitchen counter, the ripe hog plum will not last long. So if you want them to last longer, store the fruit in the refrigerator. The shelf-life will extend if you keep the whole fruit in the fridge. If you have cut down the fruit, do not store it directly in the fridge. Place the cut fruit in an airtight container or bag before storing it. The airtight containers or bags will limit the exposure of air. That way, it will not go awful.

Canning the hog plum

Another long-term way is to can the fruit. Cut down the hog plum and add it to the sugar syrup. And keep the mixture in the can and seal it. Keep the sealed can in the fridge for best results. In this way, your fruit will be stored for months. And it will not lose the taste and freshness.

Keep away from sunlight

It is essential to keep the ripped fruit away from sunlight. And hog plum shall also be kept away from all sources of heat. If the fruit is exposed to sunlight or heat sources, it will spoil. The texture will become very soft and mushy. The moisture will all be absorbed and can make the fruit shrink as well.

Can you freeze hog plum?

A very long-term storing method is to freeze the fruit. Frozen fruits stay fresh and consumable for the whole year. It is suggested not to freeze the whole fruit. Cut the fruit into pieces. It’s entirely up to you how you want the pieces, either halves, slice, or quarter. Try to peel the skin, and for best results, take out the central part.

Place the slices or halves onto the tray and place the tray in the freezer. Let them freeze for few hours. Take out the tray and now shift the hog plum in the freezer bag. And enjoy for a year approximately.

How long does hog plum last?

The shelf-life of hog plum is not too long. So, in that case, it will not last for too long. But if you store it appropriately, it will last quite some time. There is a different capacity of lasting at different forms of storage.

If the fruit is ripe and stored at the counter, it will last up to 3 to 4 days. The same is stored in the fridge. It will be fresh for 6 to 7 days easily. Similarly, if you store unripe form, it will first take three or more days to ripe. And after that, it will last you up to a week.

If you stored the hog fruit in the freezer, the lasting capacity would automatically increase. It will most likely last you 12 to 15 months without it going unpleasant. And lastly, the canned stored fruit will last you a year or two.

How to tell if hog plum is bad?

The hog plum will go bad after some time. It does not matter how good you store it. There are multiple factors involved for it to go bad. Spoiled food is not suitable for health. It comes with some severe health issues. It is advised only to consume fresh fruit. Following are a few indicators to identify bad hog plum.

  • There will be numerous blemishes and brown bruises on the surface of the fruit. Do not eat such hog plum. Throw away the fruit in the dustbin.
  • If you feel the texture is not normal, take the thumb press test. If you feel your thumb pierces the fruit skin, it means it has gone bad.
  • Sometimes the fruit is all okay from the outside so in that scenario, cut the fruit to check for spoilage. And if you find the inside brown or tangy, discard the fruit.
  • Lastly, if the taste is awful, do not eat.